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What you need to know: I'm a college girl (junior). Pretty much a spoiled brat party girl having fun in the "Dirty South"! I started out doing phone sex on the side but I'm taking a little break from the school thing for a I figured that playing on the phone would be a worthwhile focus for my energy! (At the very least, I'd get to cum a lot, right? Lol...) There's something about phone sex that just DOES it for me...actually HEARING a guy get excited, knowing how much I'm turning him on..mmmm...makes my pussy tingle just thinking about it!
I may be young, but I'm far from innocent! I have what most young girls lack-real experience. The stories I share with you are my own, and they're totally real! (Although I do have some naughty fantasies!) When you call me, you've got my complete callers are sometimes surprised at how much I remember about our conversations! I always LISTEN to everything you have to say! As a result, if you're willing, I can almost always fulfill my biggest goal, which is: giving you the HOTTEST phone sex call you've ever experienced!
I'm REAL, so no need to wonder if I'm "faking it". I love to get my pussy wet and play with you! After just one call, you'll see how true that is... Sharing naughty stories, listening to you stroke your cock, getting my pussy off for you~I love it all!
So, if you've ever fantasized about sucking on a tiny bald young cunt like mine...about sliding your cock inside a naughty little slut who can't ever get enough...if you like phone sex...good phone sex....with a girl who is smart enough to hold a conversation AND knows how to drive you totally wild....If you like it when a hot girl (who wants to cum as much as you do!) gets INTO your fantasy and plays it out...with more than just giggles and anonymous moaning...then you're DEFINITELY in the right place!! Call me now! I promise you'll be glad you did!

  • About Me: Name: Kylie
  • Age: early 20's (a lady never tells!)
  • Birthday: January 4th (yes, I'm a Capricorn!)
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Hair: Blondish brown
  • Eyes: hazel-brown
  • Marital Status: single, never been married
  • Location: Florida...I'm originally a midwestern girl, but I've travelled a lot...lived in Michigan, Maine, Washington DC, California...I LOVE variety!
  • Favorite Sexual Position: Me on top of you, riding your cock. I also like it from behind...if you pound me really hard and I get to rub my clit while you fuck me :)
  • Favorite Color: pink
  • Favorite Music: varied, but mostly female artists.... Amy Winehouse, Sonya Kitchell, Kelly Clarkson, Eva Cassidy, Tori Amos, Sara Bareilles, Mariah Carey, Corinne Bailey Rae, Carrie Underwood, Lily Allen.... My *secret* guilty pleasure is Britney Spears...but shhh! Don't tell anyone! :) Lol....
  • Favorite TV Shows: CSI-any variety, Nip/Tuck, Lost, Criminal Minds, Heroes, Weeds, 24, Doctor Who, Dexter, Torchwood, Law and Order...and almost ANYTHING on the History Channel! I do also like reality shows....America's Next Top Model, Top Chef, American Idol, etc... My latest obsession is BBC
  • Favorite Movies: Reservoir Dogs, Heathers, Snatch, the Blade Trilogy...I watch a TON of movies, so this is a hard one...changes often! I do LOVE Christian Bale, though...and Ryan Reynolds. And Bruce Willis and Mark Wahlberg... And I'll stop now. *Giggles*
  • Favorite Authors: J. California Cooper, Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, Gregory Maguire, J.K. Rowling, Phillippa Gregory, Anya Seton. I'm LOVING historical fiction these days, so pretty much anyone in that genre is great! :)
  • Favorite Food: Italian!!
  • Favorite Drink: Champagne. Sometimes a yummy Cava, but always Brut Champagne :)I'll take a salt rimmed margarita on the rocks as a close second.
  • Turn Ons: Older men, men with accents, open minds, having my nipples sucked on.
  • Turn Offs: Men who don't know (or won't say!) what they want, rude people, sloppy kissers (ewww!)
  • Miscellaneous: My pussy is completely bald, I LOVE bubble baths, and I like to be spanked (sometimes!)
To find out more about me and my planned schedule, check out my new diary!!

WHAT MAKES MY PUSSY WET (Or What Kinds Of Calls I Do):

-Girlfriend Experience (GFE Phone Sex):
Where we share fantasies and really get to know eachother, by phone and by email. If you get turned on when there's a more personal connection and hence, a deeper level of intimacy, let me be your "telephone girlfriend"! This type of call REALLY gets me hot!

-Good old fashioned phone sex:
Oral sex, anal sex, rough/forced sex, gangbangs... I like it hot, wet, and nasty....talking about what we would do to eachother...mmmm.....I love it!

-CUCKOLDS are my number one favorite fetish!! I like chastity, tease and denial, and every kind of roleplay you could possibly imagine relating to cuckolding. I realize that my sweet face may be a bit deceiving....but consider yourself warned. I *LOVE* to put wothless cuckolds like you in your place (under my thumb). And I *excel* at keeping you there. (I have LOTS of experience....) Think of me as your "cuckold girlfriend experience". Lol...

-Sexual Confessional: Do you have naughty little secrets? Ones so dirty that you can't tell anyone else? Maybe you just need someone to talk to? I want to hear ALL about it, and I'm a very good listener! Tell me about all your nasty thoughts and dirty little desires :) I never judge, I always listen (I may ask a few questions though!) and again, I promise: you will NEVER, ever shock me!!

-NAUGHTY roleplay of any kind:
teacher~student~cheerleader~naughty neighbor~doctor~nurse~patient~babysitter~seduce me or I will seduce you~gangbangs~slut wife~call girl~virgin...the list goes on and on. *I love to lose myself in a naughty/taboo scene and play it out as if I were really there. Absolutely NO limits (REALLY! Anything goes with me!) nothing is taboo...the naughtier the better! JUST ASK if your particular desire is not listed here :)

-Bisexual scenes (male or female):
Yes, I am bisexual....I love the taste and feel of a woman almost as much as I love a nice hard cock~But I also love hearing about the fantasies and "sexcapades" of bisexual/bi curious guys! Do you have naughty cock loving secrets? :) Call and share them with me!

-Fetishes: Foot/shoe, body (especially ass!) worship, smoking, long hair, etc. I've only listed the ones I have experience with...if you don't see your particular desire listed here, just send me an email to ask if I'm into it. (You will never shock me though!) If I don't know much about it you can teach me or I can read up on it before our call.

~*The following is for panty boys, sissy whores, pencil dick losers, and money pigs ONLY!!* (Real men, get your cock out after reading the above and call me now! The rest of you pathetic on) *~ If you are one of the afore mentioned, don't despair! My attention is available and it's for SALE to those of you who don't have enough COCK to satisfy me the way a real man should! My favorite ways to humiliate losers like you are as follows:

-Completely IGNORING lil dick losers:

I understand completely what you need, loser~ maybe more than you do yourself! :) You will be ignored, sometimes laughed at (if you deserve it!) while I talk to my girlfriends, you'll be belittled, you'll feel like less than nothing. I will not even say hello to you. I will certainly never talk with you! (That privilege is reserved for real men.) Unless you get on your knees and BEG, that is! LOL! I will go about the business of my daily life as if you're not on the other end of the phone! And of course, I'll be emptying your account while I do it.... Yes, sweet Ignore Line costs more! It's $3.65 per minute. But losers like you have to PAY for the privilege of being ignored! (Come on, you already knew that, didn't you? LOL!!) Here's an example of some feedback written by one of my favorite lil dick guys:

Kylie was punishing me for being bad and not following all the rules - so She ignored me and laughed at me and let me listen as She talked to others. hmmm, i like being punished.

-dressing pretty little sissy boys:

*I do love to play with and humiliate miniman sissy fags and whore them out for my amusement...if you're a pretty little sissy girl, no worries! Princess Kylie wants to know all about your naughty desires! I'll dress you up, paint your face, and turn you into the pretty lil girl you know you long to be! Put you in sexy panties where you belong and teach you how to suck cock like a good whore! Or maybe you can be my HOT lesbian girlfriend and we can BOTH be cream drinking cum sluts! The sky's the limit here, I do love my sissy boys :) **Please note though, girlfriends: you girls have a serious habit of expecting me to be a mindreader! I need you to actually TELL me your desires-especially if I ask! We'll both have much more fun that way.

-Teenie Weenie/Small Cock Humiliation/Cock Control

Do you have a itsy bitsy teeny weenie? So small that girls laugh at you when you pull it out and/or refuse to let you come near them with it? Do you need to be humiliated by a hot girl before you can make yourself cum? Or maybe you just cum too fucking fast? Well, guess what, Mr Miniscule? You have FINALLY found the right girl! I will laugh at you and ridicule your tiny penis...but I will make you feel SO good while I do it! I LOVE nothing better than to compliment you on how well you humiliate yourself for me! Think of me as your "affectionate humiliatrix"... But don't get it twisted!! You must still get my permission to have that tiny little "dicklet" of yours spit up and cum all over you! LOL! Here's an example of some yummy feedback written by one of my favorite little tiny dick loser boys:

Kylie is totally hot. She completely understands what it feels like to be rejected by hot girls and is interested in what I needed to hear. She kept me tugging at my little boy penis, made me feel completely safe and like it was OK to be humiliated and rejected. Her voice melted me. She even sent me a picture without charging me. She is totally sweet. If you feel embarrased about having a small penis, getting rejected by girls, or needing to be humiliated to come she will make everything ok.

-Sensual domme/sub scenes, tease and denial, money slaves, ATM losers

*I'm not your typical Mistress, so there are only certain types of domination I enjoy. Sensual domme, tease and denial, and of course, my favorites, blackmail and financial domination. Cause hey, if you must dream, you might as well put your money where your mouth is! ALL money pigs are always welcome to turn over their hard earned cash to Princess Kylie! Just make sure you reach me on the correct listing or suffer the consequences!: "Loser Luxury Jack Off Line--Pay for the pleasure!" (Yes, it costs more, dumbass-$3.99 per minute!)