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*~1-800-863-5478~*Option 3~*Ext. 0592907~* $1.83 per minute
No hidden fees
No connection charges
No minimums or maximums


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If you want to CUMMM with Kylie, there's only one place you can find me, and that's on Niteflirt. For more info about how Niteflirt works, click here.

**For those of you who might not have heard of, it's a site comprised of independent operators like myself who agree that it's the BEST platform as far as privacy, security, and service. (It's a double blind phone system, so I never see your home number and you never see mine.) There are two ways it can work: One, you can log onto the site, and have the system call you. The system then in turn, calls me, and connects the two calls. Or two, you can call the toll free number (1 800 TO FLIRT) and my extension, 0592907, and get connected that way. You'll need your PIN number for Niteflirt for the second route though-so make sure you know what it is and be sure to keep it safe!!**

Joining Niteflirt is free!! (NO fine print!!) Just click on my smaller picture to your left or any of the Niteflirt banners on my site to join if you're not already a member. **First time callers~ get your first 3 minutes with me absolutely free! This offer only applies to new Niteflirt members.**

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$1.83 per minute
*~1-800-863-5478~*Option 3~*Ext. 0592907~*

**NEW!!** First time callers! Wanna dial me direct to get your free 3 minutes? Call my special free minute hotline!! **1-800-648-2389 ext. 0592907**

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$1.99 per minute
Calls sold in blocks/10 minute minimum
$2 connection charge
VISA/MC/DISC accepted


My schedule varies...but I still want to give you a general idea of when you can find me online! (These days, I'm usually taking calls late nights.) Here are my usual hours of availability:
(NEW as of 7/10/09)

  • 10pm EST till 2am (usually later!) EST ~ Monday and Wednesday
  • OFF ~ Tuesday
  • 10pm EST till 2am (usually much later!) EST ~ Thursday and Saturday
  • VARIES on Friday and Sunday. Sometimes I'm off, sometimes I take calls. These are kind of "hit or miss" days. If I do log on, it's from 10pm till 2 or 3am EST.

I am usually available MUCH more often than listed above! Check my diary for schedule updates daily!

Please note: If the button above says "Available~Call Kylie Now!" I'm available! (No matter WHAT time of the day it is!) You can always arrange a call with me if I'm not available by clicking the button above, make an appointment to speak with me, OR, check out more hot sluts here: Call Me Cuties and here: Phone Sex Girlfriends and here: Barely Legal Phone!

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