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Feeling naughty?

Hi guys! Just a quick note for now…I’ve been busy being all “domestic” again this morning~doing laundry, dishes, cleaning my floors. You know, the usual…but looking VERY sexy doing it all in the new lingerie dress that my sweet, sexy weatherman sent me from my wishlist! Lol… I don’t know why it turns me on so much to wear sexy stuff while I’m just cleaning the house. Maybe I’m destined to be the proverbial “horny housewife”? I guess we’ll have to wait and see… :)

I’ve been available and taking calls for almost two hours now, and just one favorite caller to mention~and that would be (of course) my favorite weatherman….mmm, he’s SO yummy!! Fingering my tight lil pussy until I begged him to lick it for me….and slide his cock inside….and shoot his load way deep inside me….super fucking yummy good! (So TY sweetie!) I just used my fingers this time, but I got to cum all over them and lick them clean…so no complaints here! *Giggles*

So…are you guys feeling a little bit naughty like I am? I hope so…cause I’ll be taking calls all night, until 9:30pm EST or so. So hopefully I’ll get to play with a few of you~cause I wanna cum some more!! And I’d also like to mention some more favorite callers…so if you’re horny, call me and play with me tonight!!

That’s it for now! Xoxo, Kylie

A Little Sharing….

Hi guys :) I am logged on, available and taking calls….have been for about an hour, so where the heck are you? Lol… Just teasing, of course, but I thought maybe you guys would want to cum out and play with me tonight! Especially being that I’m getting a little drunk and silly on my Australian chardonnay….I thought you guys liked me when I’m a horny drunk chick?! *giggles* No favorite callers to mention just yet…hopefully more on that later. IF you guys remember to leave me feedback that is! You know how much I love it! :)

Anyway, I thought since yesterday’s entry was a little bit “tame”, I would share a little fantasy with you today. It’s kind of a “recurring” thing, not my absolute favorite one, but one I’ve been making my pussy cum to for a few months now. And it just happens to be how I made myself cum this morning! :) So we’ll see how you like it….I’m starting to get a little bit more risque on this journal, much more so than I ever did on my old diary. So even though it makes me blush a little, here we go:

I imagine that I’m a stripper…not in a strip club or anything, just like a private party dancer. Why does the idea of that turn me on so much?? Probably cause it’s the one area of the adult business I never tried….not quite the same as escorting, you know? (And, NO, I don’t escort anymore! So don’t ask! Lol…) Anyway, I digress :) So, I’m at this party, and I’m wearing a super short black vinyl mini skirt and like a black satin lace up bustier top…totally pushing my tits up and everything….hair down around my shoulders….black lace thong panties and 5 inch black heels that lace up my calves. There are like….we’ll say…about 5 guys there, and they’re watching me dance, and after a while, they start to get turned on, so they’re asking me stuff. Like, if it’s okay if they stroke their cocks while they watch me….or if I’ll let them touch me…and where it’s okay to touch me. And every time they ask me for something I say yes, cause it’s making my pussy dripping wet in my panties when they treat me like I’m such a slut.

So, eventually I’m naked in front of them…and they’re touching my ass, and my tits, and then I’m laying down in front of them with my legs spread and they’re fingering my pussy….and making me suck them off….and actually cumming on me, like on my belly and my face. I usually cum myself by then so it hasn’t ever gone much further than that! So sorry for the abrupt ending!

I guess you guys don’t ever leave me comments anymore, so I won’t get to find out what you thought of my little fantasy…..but I like sharing with you, so maybe I’ll do that once a month from now on…tell you guys my current favorite fantasy? If I think you like it, anyway….so you should let me know if you enjoyed it!! Absolutely NO cumming to it without me though! Lol…

Or better yet, just call me tonight! We can roleplay my fantasy, or your favorite one….if you have a yummy one in mind, just let me know! :) I’ll be available until 9pm EST or so, possibly later…depends on how long my wine lasts, I guess! Lol… Anyway~that’s it for now! Bye guys ;)

Xoxo, Kylie

My (Princess) Day Off….

Hi guys :) I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t be around at all today, didn’t I? Lol… Well, I’m not~not really anyway. I was just in the mood to write you all a quick note while I’m waiting to leave for my nail appointment. You’ll be happy to know that my little “princess day” is going wonderfully so far! I slept in WAY late…made my room super cold and slept naked under all my covers, lol. Took the cat man to his appointment with the groomer, then I had a looong yummy jasmine scented bubble bath….in an hour or so I’m going to leave to get my nails done. WOW is the girl who does my nails SO hot!! I’m sure I’ve mentioned my “asian porn star” manicurist at least a million times, but still! Seriously, that’s what she looks like! Pedicures are the best cause I can see right down the front of her shirt from where I sit way up in the chair….her tits are a little small for my taste, but the rest of her totally makes up for it! Someone told me recently that I’m hornier than most guys….do you guys really think about sex as much as I do? I wonder.

I’ve also been sitting here wondering, if maybe you guys wouldn’t mind helping me out with something while I’m off tonight? I got this new microphone (from my sweet weatherman of course, thank you sweetie!) that I wanted to make some sexy new recordings with~but I can’t decide what I really want to make them of. Is there anything you guys would really like to hear me do? I was thinking maybe…me rubbing my pussy while I watch one of my gajillion (is that a word? Lol) porn movies? Or maybe reading one of my favorite fantasies and making myself cum while I do it…. See-I can’t decide! :) So far, my only recording is of me sucking cock , but I made that one almost 6 months ago…I’m in the mood to do something new.

So, if any of you guys are kind enough to help me out with this, email me through Niteflirt or leave me a comment here….whoever comes up with the idea I eventually use will get a free MP3 copy of the recording of their very own! I think that’s pretty good incentive….don’t you? ;)

I won’t be taking calls again until tomorrow after 5pm EST…unless of course, I get too horny late night tonight and have to log on so you guys can make me cum! Lol… Think yummy thoughts about me until I get back~but don’t have too much fun without me! Wait, unless it’s while you listen to my blowjob recording…of course, that’s ALWAYS allowed :)

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

Girls like Porn too!!

So, I finished taking calls last night at around 9pm…but I was a little torn when I logged off cause I was still feeling horny. Like, should I stay available and cum some more? Or should I go ahead and call it a night? After some VERY deep thought, (no, seriously, how do you choose? Lol) I decided instead to go through my massive porn collection and see what I might be able to find to get me turned on enough to make my pussy cum.

I guess I’ve never gone into it with you guys before, but I sure do have a whole lot of porn DVD’s! That doesn’t shock you, does it? Lol… You know that person that you work with that you never set your pen down in front of cause they’ll accidentally steal it? Well, I’m that person~except it only happens with my boyfriends (or “exes” as the case may be!) and it only happens with porn. Of course, I tell them all in advance that I’m keeping them, but they keep bringing movies over anyway! Probably because I kind of have a little fetish for sucking a guys cock while he watches porn over my head…preferably while I fuck my pussy with one of my vibrators…but, as usual, I digress :)

Anyway, so I finally settled on one….it’s never too hard for me to choose! :) My favorites are scenes with the guy licking the girls pussy…something about seeing it from that angle? Mmm…makes me cum SO fucking hard!! A couple of times last night, actually…lol…. My only disappointment, was that I used to be totally into Taylor Hayes (god, her tits are awesome!) but I don’t think I like her anymore…maybe you guys can give me some suggestions for my new favorite porno chick? Do you have a favorite? Give me something yummy to do while I’m not playing with you….I can download some new scenes from the internet for next time :)

I’ll be available and taking calls from 3 or 3:30 PM EST until at least 9pm EST, maybe later~so look for me then!! Tomorrow, I’ll be having a true “princess day”, getting my nails and toes done, bubble bath (of course! Lol) and taking my Arnold cat to the groomer. In other words, I won’t even be available for you to arrange calls with me tomorrow! So if you want to cum with me~call me tonight!! I can’t wait to play with you :)

Xoxo, Kylie

Horny Little Kylie…

Hi guys :) Yep, you guessed it, it is raining once again here in (supposedly sunny) Florida, lol… I think I’ve made myself cum…what, twice this morning so far? Lol… I woke up early and it was already pouring, and since I just happened to be naked already *giggles* I lit a candle and got right to it with my yummy pink vibe. And WOW did I cum so hard!! It love it when my pussy gets that wet~like dripping down the handle of my vibrator onto my fingers? SO yummy! But it totally knocked me out! Lol… I went right back to sleep until almost 11am. I know a few of you were trying to reach me, but don’t blame me, blame that damn g spot vibrator that my master AF sent me! *grins*

On that note, I should mention the whole “hours of availablity” concept, cause I guess you guys are wanting a lot more of me recently!! Which is definitely a good thing, when I can accomodate it-which I always try to do! But, for the record: My SET hours of availability, until I update them on my website, are as follows:

Thursday-Monday 3pm-9pm EST

Wednesday 5pm-9pm EST

That’s it for my “scheduled” times….as most of you know, I make myself available MUCH more often than that, it’s just that sometimes my “extra” hours are a little bit random. If you are trying to reach me outside of the above hours, and my call button at the top left of this page doesn’t say, “Talk To Me Now On The Phone”, there are only TWO ways to reach me. You can make an appointment to speak with me, or click the button at the top left to arrange a call with me. I check my email quite often, so if you do either of the above, there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll make myself available for you.

I just don’t want you guys thinking I’m ignoring you or teasing you or refusing to be logged on! I want to play with you guys, always!! And I will, as often as possible. I think I made my sweet little cock stroker NE a little bit upset with me this morning when he wanted me to log on especially for him! Lol…Was it mean for me to deny his orgasm until we spoke again??? Lol *evil grin* Either way, now it’s all spelled out for everyone so there’s no more confusion, I hope! Cause I feel really bad when I can’t take calls from you guys.

SO, I am available and taking calls now, until 8:30 or 9PM EST…if I decide to take calls later than that, I’ll post here late night to let you know. I’m drinking chardonnay, as usual, doing some stuff to my website and checking out my girlfriends blogs. I found the cutest little quiz on Jasmine’s blog that you guys should take a look at. Have you clicked the links down the left side of this page yet?? If you haven’t, you definitely should! You know I only reccommend the very best :)

That’s it for now, guys~call me tonight!! Xoxo, Kylie

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