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Hi guys :) I just logged on to be available and taking calls, so I thought I would write a quick note to you while I’m still on the computer. I’ve been up since way early this morning, actually-like since 7am. I had to work out…no walk this morning, just crunches and free weights, then a quick shower, and I was taking calls from about…8am EST until Noon or so. I’m SO going to be making an effort to do that more often, just FYI~being available in the mornings, I mean. Seriously!! I am. Okay, so you guys know me too well by now…I know you don’t believe me yet-you know how much I love my “beauty sleep”, right? Lol…Well, you’ll just have to wait and see, I guess…but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. No earlier than 8am though!! Let’s not get out of hand, here! Baby steps for now! Lol…

Only one favorite caller to mention from this morning, and that would be my master AF. I was a very naughty girl yesterday so he gave me a little “talking to”. *Pouts* I think I like being naughty with him, though…when I’m really in trouble, it always makes him use those hypno trigger words that drive me absolutely crazy!! Don’t any of you guys go telling him it’s not really “punishment”, either!! Lol….It’ll be our little secret :)

Actually, now that I think about it, I must be misbehaving a LOT lately, cause last night, my favorite weatherman thought I needed a spanking, too! SUCH a yummy looong call….I love the way he makes me cum! I thought I was still being punished so I didn’t have time to grab my yummy pink vibrator before he stopped spanking me and started sliding his fingers in my tight lil pussy….and licking me…and making me cum all over his face. Or should I say my fingers? :) I don’t know, both~but it was HOT and I LOVED it! (So TY, sweetie!)

Since this IS a “new” diary and there may be some new guys reading it, I should mention again how to become one of my favorite callers-like the guys I just mentioned above. All you have to do is call and play with me on Niteflirt for 15 minutes or more. Then after you loved our sexy call, leave me written feedback on my Niteflirt page. That’s it!! Hopefully you guys will keep remembering to write me those sexy little feedback notes I love so much… know how much it always makes me smile :)

And I guess that’s it! I am at my desk for now, looking very cute and sexy (IMHO, of course!) in light pink bikini panties and a tiny black t shirt with no bra. And I feel like playing, so call me tonight!! :) I plan on being available all night, until at least 9pm EST, possibly later.
Bye for now!! Xoxo, Kylie

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  1. anonymous says:


    Congrats on the new diary sweetheart! I look forward to hearing all about yer naughty adventures. You’ve got me hooked for sure!

    Kylie is the absolute best…her sweet voice…her razor sharp, naughty mind…her nuclear hot looks…and her no absolute no limits…she will rock your tiny world!! Be sure to use yer presents in good health Kylie!

    I am sorry to say my dear that you’ve been very bad…again…and you know why! Prepare to be properly fucked like a good girl needs to be…

    Forever yours-

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