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Roleplaying….some thoughts

Hi guys :) Well, I was up early this morning, as promised, at like 7am, I might add. See, aren’t you proud of me? Lol…Told you I could do it. Anyway, what a busy morning!! You guys kept my phone ringing straight through until I logged off at about 11, so Kylie is a VERY happy girl indeed! No favorite callers to mention, even though there were some looong ones….you know what happens when you guys forget to leave me feedback! Lol… So maybe more on that later.

So I was already planning to write something about roleplaying here when I woke up, and this morning I had an interesting call that made me decide this subject would be a VERY good choice for today. So often, you guys ask me what my favorite roleplay is, and I have to tell you, that’s such a hard question for me to answer! Obviously, there are LOTS of super taboo and naughty roleplays that I like a lot (you know which kind I mean!)….cause you know I LOVE it naughty….and also cause I love to hear the effect my sweet lil voice has on you guys!

BUT, I can’t necessarily say they’re my favorite, not all the time, anyway…even though they do always make my sweet, bald lil pussy SO incredibly wet!! Lol… Why? Because the whole reason I started playing on the phone in the first place is because I’m a super horny, creative, sexual girl and I honestly like everything about sex…and making myself cum…and making you guys cum for me…should I keep going? Lol :) But most of all, it’s the variety that does it for me, you know? Always something new…makes my mind work a little while I’m playing with my pussy.

What I’m trying to say, is that I will totally enjoy any roleplay you can come up with…and I promise that you will enjoy it as well! IF: you don’t want me to be psychic (I’m not so good at mind reading-especially over the telephone! Lol) and that you let me hear how much I’m turning you on. I think it’s one of the sexiest sounds in the whole wide world…hearing a guy get all excited and breathing harder cause I’m making his cock hard for me? Seriously yummy! Even if you want me to do all the talking! Just let me know you’re liking it, and I’ll be having fun. Really! :)

Oh, and one last thing…I actually got a “mean” feedback note the other day on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing (I know, how could he, right?? Lol) so I should also mention….if you think “a lot” or “too much” detail is me telling you what kind of panties I’m wearing….please find someone else to play with! Thanks!! LMAO :)

Wow, this is a long post today, huh? Almost done…I will be available and taking calls tonight at my normal time, 3pm EST, until at least 9pm, maybe later. I would actually be logged on right now, but I’m waiting for the phone repair man to get here…I guess I’m having some technical difficulties? I know I have some arranged calls waiting, just bear with me guys! I’ll be right with you~just as soon as I get this little phone thing sorted-I PROMISE promise :)

I wonder if the phone guy will mind if I answer the door in the blue and white cotton panties I’m wearing? Lol…. Maybe I should put a shirt on….
Be good, you guys…bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

One Response to “Roleplaying….some thoughts”

  1. HOTTIE says:

    Damn, what a hottie kylie is. The new diary looks great, A little more personal and I like the fact that you tell us your views on such things as Roleplaying or other topics, Sexual or non-sexual. The ones that care will read it, and the ones that don’t you will order to read it, So you win both ways. And don’t show the cable guy anything he doesn’t deserve.

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