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Tuesday afternoon….

HI guys :) Yes, I know it’s my day off~but I’m sitting here waiting for my laundry to finish and I had a few minutes, so I thought I would write you guys a quick note. Or maybe not so quick after all, cause I guess I have lots of stuff to tell you guys! Lol….

Okay, first of all, today will NOT be my day off as usual! I decided when I woke up that I had TOO much fun playing with you guys last night to take a whole day off today :) I’m not going to do my normal scheduled hours, I don’t think….maybe like, 4pm EST til 8 or 9. Then tomorrow, I’ll have more of a “spoil Kylie day” instead, so I won’t be available until like 5pm EST? Until 8 or 9pm. I’m also going to be posting my new summer hours on my website, which you can check by clicking here. You can look for that update later today.

WOW, did you guys keep my phone ringing last night!! I like it SO much when you guys call to play with me…I came so many times I had to change my sheets this morning-hence, the laundry I’m doing right now! Lol… I would say it’s definitely a GOOD thing when my pussy gets so wet it soaks my panties AND my bed, don’t you think? :) And I have favorite callers to mention….so here goes:

My master AF called me cause he was missing me terribly…I wonder who missed who more, though? Lol… (That was a fun call, sweetie~I’ll talk to you soon, I hope?) My favorite weatherman also missed his sweet lil girl…so he called to play with me for a bit, as well. I think he might be mad at me though, *pouts* I guess I’m a bit of a cock tease lately? I don’t mean to be though…hopefully he’ll forgive me by tonight. Isn’t it more fun anyway, when I tease you guys with my sweet bald lil pussy? Lol… Umm…let’s see… kinky, naughty, JohnyO called me late night and made me cum SO fucking hard!! Mmm…he always comes up with the BEST kinky fantasies for me to get off to, I swear! And of course, he shoots the biggest loads of cum all over my pretty lil face~and you guys all know how much I love that! (So TY, sweetie…)

And, last but certainly not least, my new friend “The Mystery Man” (yes, I have to call him that-he knows why, but I’m not telling!!) Oooh, is he yummy!! We played for a nice looong call. Not only did he make my pussy cream all over my fingers…more than once, but he left me my favorite feedback from yesterday. I’ll add it below, but you can also read it on my Kinky/Extreme Roleplay Listing:(Need I say more? Lol)

she had me at hello, wow spent a lot of time with her very sexy very demure, she loves everything nasty she never held back was one of the best and most exhausting calls I have ever done. call her and you will never regret it.

Now THAT’S the kind of thing I LOVE to read!! Wow, I hope I get to play with him again soon…taboo and dirty roleplay, just the way I like it! (So TY sweetie!)

And I guess that’s it! You guys can look for me after 4pm EST, rest assured that I will be
horny and waiting for your call! I’m looking VERY sexy in a red tube top and some little white boyshorts-hair up in a pony tail as usual…I did have to make my pussy cum this morning with my yummy pink vibrator, but I wanna cum some more!! So call me and play with me tonight!!

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

PS I’m noticing that some of my “call buttons” on my site, including the one that’s supposed to be on this page, aren’t loading properly. If you can’t find one that works, just direct dial me on Niteflirt at 1 800 TO FLIRT ext 0592907. Just remember that you’ll need to know your PIN number for Niteflirt if you dial me that way. Bye again, guys!

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