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Thursday afternoon….

Hi guys :) I ended up going to bed pretty soon after my entry here last night….well, I did have to take a shower first cause you guys left my pussy all sticky wet after playing so much…lol….but no complaints here! :) Then in the middle of the night, the weirdest thing happened….I woke up at about 4:30am cause my nipples were all uncomfortable and hurting me? So I was trying to rub them to make them stop so I could go back to sleep, and they like, instantly got rock hard, and it was feeling so good! So I whipped my panties off (so fast!) and started rubbing my clit….I had this whole naughty scene in my head that I’ve never fantasized about before so I have no idea where it came from~and no, I’m not telling what it was! Lol! Anyway, so I proceeded to have literally THE best orgasm I’ve had with just my fingers-absolutely no toys-in at least 6 months. Mmm, it was so yummy!! So I guess I should say thank you to whichever one of you was having naughty thoughts about me at 4:30 this morning :)

I just got home from doing some shopping with Emma…had to get a new phone (yes another one, I SWEAR I kill phones quicker than anyone I know!) and some shoes, some sexy panties, bubble bath….you know, all my favorite things :) I’ll be working on the look of this journal a little more tonight, just FYI…do you love the new graphics, or what?? I think my web designer Tee did an awesome job on it-she does such cool stuff for me! If you guys really want to make me happy….you’ll leave me a comment or two and let me know what you think of it :)

I’m planning on being available and taking calls tonight from 3pm EST until at least 9:30pm, so call me tonight if you want to play with me!! I haven’t made my pussy cum since this morning :)
Bye for now~Xoxo, Kylie

PS I almost forgot! I have to say a HUGE thank you to my master AF for spoiling me again with cute little prezzies from my wishlist last night!! (They’re so adorable, sweetie! I can’t wait to get them.) Bye again, guys :)

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