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Making myself cum….

Hi guys :) So, I was SUCH a big sleepyhead this morning! Lol…I was up taking calls and playing with you guys really late last night~I think I finally went to sleep at like, 2am or so? I used to make myself available that late all the time last summer, but I guess I’ve become sort of an “early bird” these last few months. To be honest, I think I like taking calls late night better-it was just really starting to screw with my sleep schedule. I had so much fun with you guys last night though! I think I’m going to start doing that a couple of nights a week…maybe Wednesdays and Thursdays til 2am EST. I know, I know, I promised I’d update my site with my new summer hours, and I’m still totally planning on doing that!! I just have to make up my mind completely first…like which days will be which, and so on. Hopefully I’ll figure it out in the next couple of days.

I guess you noticed the interesting title of this entry? :) Well, there’s one question that I get asked SO often, I thought it might be easier to just go ahead and answer it here once and for all~so you guys would know all of my thoughts on the issue. Not that I mind it when you guys ask me questions~I LOVE it, actually! But, I digress…so I’ll just get on with it already :)

Question: Do I actually cum on my calls? I’m not going to pretend that it happens on every call or anything, but most of the time? Oh, HELL yes!! Lol… I guess I understand why you would ask. This might be hard to believe, but no matter what, on every single call I am touching my pussy. Really. At least rubbing my clit if not sliding my fingers inside me….or using one of my toys…but there I go, getting distracted again! Lol… If I’m going to do phone SEX, I want to be in a SEXY mood, you know? Obviously, the easiest way to do that is to start touching myself :)

Now, there is one exception to the above: if you’re a guy who wants to call me up and within the first thirty seconds, asks me to moan and cum for you…. Well. In that case, (unfortunately) it’s pretty impossible for me to get myself off that quickly! (WOW, I wish I could though!! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Lol) I don’t know, I guess I’m pretty lucky cause I don’t get that too often….most of you guys are really sweet to me! And I SO appreciate it :)

Anyway, like I said, my answer is YES….if you call to play with me, I’ll be MORE than happy to make myself cum for you!! I just need a little help…like….speak so I can hear you! It’s hard for me to get excited when I can’t hear what you’re saying! AND (I know, I’m a broken record on this part! Lol) let me hear when I’m turning you on! I love, love, LOVE hearing the effect I have on you and your cock! It’s almost enough to make me cum all by itself, actually. Do those things and I promise you can be sure that I’m really getting off. PROMISE promise! ;)

And I guess that’s it! I’m going to hop in the shower and have some lunch before I’m available and taking calls this afternoon…I’ll be back at my normal time, 3pm EST, if not earlier. Probably until…say…9:30PM EST tonight. I’m going to take a dinner break around 4:30, and then out drinking with my friend Erin late night tonight after I log off….have to log off at a decent time so I can get pretty :) Bye for now guys~call me tonight!!

Xoxo, Kylie

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