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My (Princess) Day Off….

Hi guys :) I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t be around at all today, didn’t I? Lol… Well, I’m not~not really anyway. I was just in the mood to write you all a quick note while I’m waiting to leave for my nail appointment. You’ll be happy to know that my little “princess day” is going wonderfully so far! I slept in WAY late…made my room super cold and slept naked under all my covers, lol. Took the cat man to his appointment with the groomer, then I had a looong yummy jasmine scented bubble bath….in an hour or so I’m going to leave to get my nails done. WOW is the girl who does my nails SO hot!! I’m sure I’ve mentioned my “asian porn star” manicurist at least a million times, but still! Seriously, that’s what she looks like! Pedicures are the best cause I can see right down the front of her shirt from where I sit way up in the chair….her tits are a little small for my taste, but the rest of her totally makes up for it! Someone told me recently that I’m hornier than most guys….do you guys really think about sex as much as I do? I wonder.

I’ve also been sitting here wondering, if maybe you guys wouldn’t mind helping me out with something while I’m off tonight? I got this new microphone (from my sweet weatherman of course, thank you sweetie!) that I wanted to make some sexy new recordings with~but I can’t decide what I really want to make them of. Is there anything you guys would really like to hear me do? I was thinking maybe…me rubbing my pussy while I watch one of my gajillion (is that a word? Lol) porn movies? Or maybe reading one of my favorite fantasies and making myself cum while I do it…. See-I can’t decide! :) So far, my only recording is of me sucking cock , but I made that one almost 6 months ago…I’m in the mood to do something new.

So, if any of you guys are kind enough to help me out with this, email me through Niteflirt or leave me a comment here….whoever comes up with the idea I eventually use will get a free MP3 copy of the recording of their very own! I think that’s pretty good incentive….don’t you? ;)

I won’t be taking calls again until tomorrow after 5pm EST…unless of course, I get too horny late night tonight and have to log on so you guys can make me cum! Lol… Think yummy thoughts about me until I get back~but don’t have too much fun without me! Wait, unless it’s while you listen to my blowjob recording…of course, that’s ALWAYS allowed :)

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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