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A Little Sharing….

Hi guys :) I am logged on, available and taking calls….have been for about an hour, so where the heck are you? Lol… Just teasing, of course, but I thought maybe you guys would want to cum out and play with me tonight! Especially being that I’m getting a little drunk and silly on my Australian chardonnay….I thought you guys liked me when I’m a horny drunk chick?! *giggles* No favorite callers to mention just yet…hopefully more on that later. IF you guys remember to leave me feedback that is! You know how much I love it! :)

Anyway, I thought since yesterday’s entry was a little bit “tame”, I would share a little fantasy with you today. It’s kind of a “recurring” thing, not my absolute favorite one, but one I’ve been making my pussy cum to for a few months now. And it just happens to be how I made myself cum this morning! :) So we’ll see how you like it….I’m starting to get a little bit more risque on this journal, much more so than I ever did on my old diary. So even though it makes me blush a little, here we go:

I imagine that I’m a stripper…not in a strip club or anything, just like a private party dancer. Why does the idea of that turn me on so much?? Probably cause it’s the one area of the adult business I never tried….not quite the same as escorting, you know? (And, NO, I don’t escort anymore! So don’t ask! Lol…) Anyway, I digress :) So, I’m at this party, and I’m wearing a super short black vinyl mini skirt and like a black satin lace up bustier top…totally pushing my tits up and everything….hair down around my shoulders….black lace thong panties and 5 inch black heels that lace up my calves. There are like….we’ll say…about 5 guys there, and they’re watching me dance, and after a while, they start to get turned on, so they’re asking me stuff. Like, if it’s okay if they stroke their cocks while they watch me….or if I’ll let them touch me…and where it’s okay to touch me. And every time they ask me for something I say yes, cause it’s making my pussy dripping wet in my panties when they treat me like I’m such a slut.

So, eventually I’m naked in front of them…and they’re touching my ass, and my tits, and then I’m laying down in front of them with my legs spread and they’re fingering my pussy….and making me suck them off….and actually cumming on me, like on my belly and my face. I usually cum myself by then so it hasn’t ever gone much further than that! So sorry for the abrupt ending!

I guess you guys don’t ever leave me comments anymore, so I won’t get to find out what you thought of my little fantasy…..but I like sharing with you, so maybe I’ll do that once a month from now on…tell you guys my current favorite fantasy? If I think you like it, anyway….so you should let me know if you enjoyed it!! Absolutely NO cumming to it without me though! Lol…

Or better yet, just call me tonight! We can roleplay my fantasy, or your favorite one….if you have a yummy one in mind, just let me know! :) I’ll be available until 9pm EST or so, possibly later…depends on how long my wine lasts, I guess! Lol… Anyway~that’s it for now! Bye guys ;)

Xoxo, Kylie

2 Responses to “A Little Sharing….”

  1. JB says:

    That is a very hot story, I think you should just let them Cum on you though and they can’t touch you. Give yourself a hot cumm bath!!

  2. Kylie says:

    Hot cum bath, huh? Can I have it on my face, at least?? If it’s not a cum facial, it’s no fun if they can’t touch me :)

    TY for the comment sweetie~it made me smile

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