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Feeling naughty?

Hi guys! Just a quick note for now…I’ve been busy being all “domestic” again this morning~doing laundry, dishes, cleaning my floors. You know, the usual…but looking VERY sexy doing it all in the new lingerie dress that my sweet, sexy weatherman sent me from my wishlist! Lol… I don’t know why it turns me on so much to wear sexy stuff while I’m just cleaning the house. Maybe I’m destined to be the proverbial “horny housewife”? I guess we’ll have to wait and see… :)

I’ve been available and taking calls for almost two hours now, and just one favorite caller to mention~and that would be (of course) my favorite weatherman….mmm, he’s SO yummy!! Fingering my tight lil pussy until I begged him to lick it for me….and slide his cock inside….and shoot his load way deep inside me….super fucking yummy good! (So TY sweetie!) I just used my fingers this time, but I got to cum all over them and lick them clean…so no complaints here! *Giggles*

So…are you guys feeling a little bit naughty like I am? I hope so…cause I’ll be taking calls all night, until 9:30pm EST or so. So hopefully I’ll get to play with a few of you~cause I wanna cum some more!! And I’d also like to mention some more favorite callers…so if you’re horny, call me and play with me tonight!!

That’s it for now! Xoxo, Kylie

2 Responses to “Feeling naughty?”

  1. NE says:

    Kylie, I just wanted to sincerely apologize for jerking off the other day without your permission. I have been so horny ever since our call and my confession to you that I’m walking around with a hard on all the time. My schedule is so crazy I cannot commit to an exact time when I can call or when I will be available. This is completely my fault and I really hope to speak to you again soon. You told me to wait until I get instructions from you to get off because you were going to control my cock completely. You also said if I didn’t do as you say you were going to post my secrets in your journal for everybody to read. I’m sorry for not obeying your instructions and I will understand if you have to leak some information. I accept full responsibility.
    PS: I did as you said and went down on my wife and made her cum before I came. I’m ready for my next assignment. I will do anything you ask :) If I don’t speak to you , HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND…

  2. Kylie says:

    Thank you for your apology. Read my latest entry…I don’t think you deserve a new assignment yet! ;) Except this: you are to ponder the term “cock control” and make sure you understand it completely before we speak next. You will NOT receive another assignment until you call me. Oh, yeah….you should re read my last email as well…..


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