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Saturday afternoon….

Hi guys :) I’m just logging on to be available and taking calls tonight, so I thought I’d write and say hello. Just so you know, I was NOT a big sleepyhead this morning! Lol…I was up and available from like 8:30AM until about Noon EST. (But none of you called me. *Pouts*) I was only on “alerts” though, cause I had to watch the episodes of “24″ that I recorded from last night. Okay, do you not just LOVE that show??!! I swear, it’s too much….I don’t know which is worse, though: having to deal with fast forwarding through the commercials (cause it’s not on DVD) or waiting a whole week to see what happens next (for the same reason!) *Giggles*

Let’s see, favorite callers from yesterday….only two to mention. I met a real sweetheart, I guess I’ll call him T, who was just so nice and so real with me! No, seriously….I love it when you guys ask me my opinions on actual stuff that’s going on with you~I’m actually pretty good at the whole “giving advice thing”, believe it or not. (So thanks for being so nice to me, sweetie!)

And, my master AF….hmmm….what to even tell you guys about him…. Well, apparently, I’ve been misbehaving and being a bad little slut cause I got quite the tease session from him last night! Wait, did I say tease? I meant tease and denial. He says he’s “pulling back on the reigns” a little bit, so I guess maybe I should start being a good lil girl so I don’t have to get such an unbearable punishment? ;) In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a little bit….spoiled….so having to get permission before I cum is a little bit….difficult….to say the least! But he did finally let me get off….and then he left me the sweetest little feedback note! It was my favorite feedback of the day, so I’ll add it below. You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

That has got to be one of the hottest calls ever! This hot bitch just can’t get enough. She cumms and cumms and cumms and cumms. This slut is one that everyone should take their turn on.

LOVED it!! Even if he did call me his bitch….I think that’s kind of hot sometimes :) (So TY sweetie!)

Oh, and before I forget….Remember when I told you guys about my sweet little cock stroker NE? How he has some VERY naughty little secrets that I wasn’t going to share with you? Well. I’m a little bit angry with him at the moment….he’s been trying to dictate my schedule lately, and as a result, he made me miss my nail appointment last Sunday screwing around with his BS. (I know, how could he, right? Lol) He left me a cute little comment on my last entry that you guys should totally read, giving me permission to tell some of his secrets, cause he knows how bad he was! Here’s an excerpt:

You also said if I didn’t do as you say you were going to post my secrets in your journal for everybody to read. I’m sorry for not obeying your instructions and I will understand if you have to leak some information. I accept full responsibility.

So…what should I tell??? Maybe that he has a “secret crush” on a certain someone (not telling who, cause he’d get off on that too much and he doesn’t deserve it!) and he likes to steal her panties and jerk off in them and his wife has no idea? Yeah, I think that’s a good one… And now he wants me to give him a new “cock stroker” assignment! But does he really deserve one yet?? Lol…. I don’t think so…..not after almost making me miss out on my asian porn star manicurist!! Lol…. Anyway, that’s enough about that-just wanted to give you guys a little comic relief! *Grins* Maybe more on that later….

And I guess that’s it! I am available and taking calls, on “alerts” for now but once I finish writing here I’ll be completely available~and I’m horny! Lol…I made my pussy cum twice already this morning! I was laying on my stomach today, rubbing my clit and thinking about riding up and down on someone’s tongue. Wow, as I wrote that, I remembered that term, “moustache ride”? Sounds yummy to me….

Anyway, bye for now!! Call me tonight!! Xoxo, Kylie

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