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Wednesday night….

Hi guys! :) Just a quick note for now cause I’m just logging on to be available and taking calls. And that would be cause I am just now waking up! Lol… Yes, I had SO much fun last night…, I didn’t fuck anyone, but that’s probably because Erin and I were WAY too wasted to pay attention to anyone but eachother! :) I got home pretty late and decided I was horny, so I logged on for a couple of hours and got to play with my sweet Midwest Allan before I finally had to just fall asleep. Or should I say pass out? *Giggles* That’s what the 4th of July is for though, right? Fireworks and parties and drinking? ;) But, as usual, I digress…

Allan and I had a yummy looong call in the early AM hours….I “let” him have his way with me and he fucked me nice and slow….AND he asked me to use my yummy pink vibe (which is always a good thing!) so he made me cum over….and over….and over! Lol… Big sticky wet pussy mess and I LOVED every second of it!! THEN he left me my favorite feedback of yesterday….wow, does he know to make me smile! I’ll add it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

the best 4th of july fireworks anywhere. kylie is the best friends with benefits that anyone could have. the benefits keep getting better and better. she has a way to make you feel comfortable, yet you want to feel uncomfortable enough to try new things and explore different pleasures. i have a smile on my face that wont go away thanks to kylie.

I LOVED reading that, sweetie, so TY!! (Don’t forget what we talked about….I’ll look forward to “exploring some different pleasures” the next time we play!)

And I guess that’s it!! I am currently available and taking calls~I know, I know, I’m late, but I was SO sleepy!! So don’t be too mad at me. The good news is, now I’m all wide awake and refreshed and happy AND horny, so I’ll be logged on for a couple of hours until about 9pm EST. So call me tonight!! I want to play a little…I haven’t made my pussy cum since this morning!

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

PS Also, before I go~I want to wish my sweet, sweet, sexy favorite weatherman a happy happy birthday!! With lots of long wet kisses!! (I bet you thought I forgot, didn’t you, sweetie? Lol…. Of course I didn’t! Not telling what kind of yummy birthday surprises I have planned, though….you’ll have to wait and see!) Bye again, guys!!

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