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Domination…some thoughts….

Happy 4th Of July everyone!! I am SO not available right now…I’m not taking calls till tomorrow cause I’m in the process of getting ridiculously drunk with Erin….drinking margaritas instead of wine for once :) We just left one party and we’re getting changed to go to another one~we actually watched the fireworks outside (yes, I got my sparklers!! Pink ones, of course…), and, like I told you guys yesterday, it’s too damn hot out for that kind of crap! Lol… My tube top is all sweaty so I have to shower and change before we leave.

But, of course I had some thoughts to share before I go!! Lol… Hence the title of this entry… Okay, so I was just checking my feedback from the other day, and I saw a note from cockstoker NE (notice I don’t call him “MY” cock stroker anymore, cause after this last thing I had to go ahead and block him.) I won’t go into exactly why he pissed me off….although I did explain it in an email to him!! Suffice it to say that it’s the end in a long line of things he’s done that I refuse to deal with anymore. But back to the topic at hand: domination.

Okay, so the whole idea of female domination is supposed to be femme supremacy, right? You, as a man, give up your right to call the shots during a sexual (or non sexual!) exchange, and I as the woman am supposed to make you do as I command. Right? Okay. Well….as far as my actual relationships? I’m totally a spoiled brat bitch princess. Sorry to burst your bubble, you guys who have only seen my sweet side…lol….but it’s the reality! *Giggles* Now, I don’t mean I want fur coats and cars and diamonds…not every day anyway…lol! But I DO expect to be treated nicely, and sweetly, and given lots of attention, and have all the bubble bath I could ever want, and LOTS of having my pussy licked!!! Lol…. was that too many things to list? ;)

Anyway, in general, I can usually translate this attitude into a REALLY fun domme call, and be the spoiled brat mistress that lots of guys are looking for. But the longer I do this whole phone sex thing, the more I feel like most guys who say they want to submit (like NE) are really quite selfish. They don’t really want to submit to me…well, wait, they DO, but they want it entirely on their terms! My point here, is that it is much harder for me to relate to a guy who says he wants me to control his cock (unless he really means it)….because usually they don’t really want me to! Lol…And when they get really controlling, and try to dictate my schedule, and try to test my limits, and start pissing me off, and trying to boss me around? (Lol…long sentence, but hopefully you get my point!) They have to be blocked cause I can’t deal with it.

So that’s why I don’t like domination….unless of course, you’re a guy who I’ve played with lots of times, so I know what you like or what your limits are. OR, if you’re a true submissive looking for a young princess to tease/deny you and take all your money… which case, I am always more than happy to oblige! *Grins*

Luckily, most of you guys treat me right and call me often. And even those of you who are truly submissive (you know who you are!) don’t make this kind of presumption~you’re all totally sweet to me, always :) So thanks for that…for always thinking of me and my desires even while you’re aching to have me make your cock cum! You’re all wonderful and I love you to death….I’m sure you already know that though :) As for the rest of you…. I’m sorry! I just can’t be bothered anymore…

And totally OT (off topic)…just to make you guys laugh a little…the first time I ever had a girlfriend over while I was taking calls? I was still working for a “service”, so it was a while ago… She (literally) fell off of her chair laughing when I did a domme call….she said it was hilarious to hear “Snow White being a dominatrix.” Is my voice really that sweet? :) I don’t know…. Lol…. Needless to say, I don’t have friends over when I take calls anymore….no “prying eyes and ears”, so I can say and do whatever I want! Like rubbing my pussy, for instance…….

Hopefully the “duality” (and the rambling!! Lol…) of the above explanation wasn’t too confusing…when I get off on a tangent sometimes, it’s hard for me to stop! Lol… I do have some more thoughts to share with you guys, but if I hang around too much longer I won’t have time to get all cute and sexy! *Giggles* SO, look for me later or tomorrow and call me and make my pussy cum!! I can’t wait :)

Xoxo, Kylie

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