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Entertaining myself…..

Hi guys :) Wow, I have no idea where to start today! Lol…let’s see…I woke up at a totally decent time this morning, about 9am EST, but I wasn’t available to take calls….I know, I know, I promised I would start being available in the AM hours more, but I was still so sleepy!! See, THIS is why I don’t hang out with Erin too much anymore! :) I’ve (literally) been out with her before, and we’ll run into people we know, and she’ll say, “Hey, we’re hanging out later~did you guys want to go with us?” And they’ll say, “….cause see, I have to work in two days? And….you like to stay out too long.” LMAO….

So after a little nap, I woke up again at about 1pm EST…and after a yummy mandarin orange scented bubble bath, I’ve been logged on and taking calls since 3pm. But I guess you guys don’t love me anymore?? Cause none of you are calling me! *Pouts* I know they say there’s this whole “slow summer” thing, as far as phone sex, I mean, but I’ve never really had to experience it before!! Lol.. You guys are always so good about keeping my phone ringing….I don’t know…hopefully you’ll all read this and decide you just have to cum with me, so you’ll call me tonight?? Lol…

So I’ve been entertaining myself this aftrenoon! I watched two movies, “Annapolis” and “The Matador”….Annapolis was good…I thought, anyway….lots of naval academy midshipmen all sweaty and boxing and stuff? VERY yummy!! But The Matador….okay, Pierce Brosnan? Looking all smarmy and “lingery” (my own personal word, lol) and being a hitman?? It just didn’t work for me. Of course, I AM looking forward to the end of this week, cause the new “Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Man’s Chest” will be released…and you know how I LOVE some Johnny Depp!! (Yes, in a totally sexual way!! Lol) Although, I think I get just as horny watching Keira Knightley, even if she does have small tits….

I did have a bright spot in my day earlier cause my master AF bought me some MORE yummy prezzies from my wishlist….well, last night AND today, actually!!! This “good little slut” thing is starting to be okay, I think…..I think I would MUCH rather behave and have him spoil me rotten than misbehave and have him tease me and spank my ass all bright red! Most of the time, anyway…. Lol… (I absolutely LOVE them, sweetie…TY SO much!!)

So I guess that’s it! I will be available and taking calls for the next two hours or so….until 11pm EST…so call me if you want to play with me!! I shaved my pussy all sweet and clean last night, so it’s all smooth and sexy and I’m just waiting for you to shoot your hot cream load all over me….. Cum entertain me!! I promise you’ll be glad you did!!

Xoxo, Kylie

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