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Monday afternoon….

Hi guys :) I know, I know, I didn’t do an entry yesterday…no real reason except that you guys were actually coming out to play with me again so I was too busy to write!! Lol… Just had to tease you a little, you know I can’t help it sometimes! :) But seriously, I was a VERY happy girl yesterday….I talked to a few of you who call me pretty regularly, and finally some new guys, too! I used to get guys who were “new to Niteflirt” all the time, but not so many in the recent months, until yesterday, anyway! So it’s definitely a good thing!! Especially cause I’ve been meeting some really kinky new guys-two already today who really turned me on!! *Grins*

Do I have any favorite callers to mention…? Well, let’s see….WOW, I just went to check, and none of you left me feedback yesterday? Well, almost none of you…it’s interesting, like, sometimes I’ll have days where ALL of you are leaving me really sweet sexy lil comments and then some days when it’s just the opposite and I get NO love!! What’s up with that?? Lol… I DO have a little “honorable mention” for a new friend, “BBP”….he’s been listening to my recordings for a while but never calling me…until yesterday….and mmmmm, was that yummy call!! I guess I kind of took advantage of him, but I think he liked it. :) You guys DO like it when I seduce you, don’t you? Lol… Anyway, he left me my favorite feedback of the day, which you can also read on my Anything Goes Listing:

Sweet sexy voice, articulate and fun. I don’t think I’ll be calling anyone else for a while.

LOVED that sweetie, TY!! SO, I am available and taking calls now….just got out of a yummy pink bubble bath (courtesy of my favorite weatherman, of course) and now I’m sitting at my desk, listening to this new Nelly Furtado CD that my master AF just sent me from my wishlist that I absolutely LOVE (TY, sweetie!), and trying to do some reading on this whole new word press journal format. I guess I always took it for granted that I was pretty “computer literate”, but GOD this stuff is complicated!! Lol… I can’t even imagine how my web designer does this stuff all day long! Makes my head hurt to think this hard. Wow, I cringed as I wrote that last line! That SO sounded like a dumb blonde thing to say, didn’t it? Lol… You guys know what I mean though! I hope!! :) You know I’m not completely stupid!! Lol.. I’m just not a “web guru” or anything….not YET anyway! I should take a class in this stuff one of these days… I don’t think I could stand doing it for money though, web design I mean…the “creative process” kind of needs to be totally impulsive, for me at least.

Anyway, I’ll be available until 8:30pm EST or so, possibly until 9, but I might have to log off early tonight….there’s a possibility that I might be going out with Erin and her new BF~yes, she’s fucking men again, surprise, surprise. I kept telling her she was going to miss dick too much while she was fucking that girl….but anyway~ I probably won’t go, but I’ll still have to do the whole “cell phone tag” thing back and forth with her, and find out if I have to get ready or not, blah blah blah…. Regardless, you guys should definitely call me tonight!! I want to play with you! And I wanna cum at least a few times before it’s my day off tomorrow….

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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