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I’m BACK and ready to play!!

Hi guys :) Well, I’m back from my day off….and WOW did I have so much fun!! I’m starting to think I should just call it my “Princess day” instead of my “day off” cause I have a habit of totally spoiling myself lately. What did I do, you ask? Well: I went to have a manicure and pedicure, a SPA pedicure, to be exact, with the massaging chair and the special foot massage? Oh yeah, totally yummy! They’re painted light pink, and I also got some little swarovski crystals painted onto my toenails, just FYI :) But I did NOT get to see my pornstar manicurist. *Pouts* Well, I did SEE her, but she was busy….I had to have someone else do my nails….I guess I shouldn’t complain cause I could still totally look down her shirt from where I was sitting :) I’m such a little perv, aren’t I? Lol…

Then, I grabbed some lunch and went home to nap a little. I totally skipped my personal trainer appointment…did I tell you guys about that? Ummm..yeah, he kicked my ass the other day. Completely and painfully. I’m going back tomorrow morning…but only cause he’s SO fucking hot!! So I guess it’s okay that he makes me sweat my ass off!!

I went out drinking and singing karaoke last night…had too many cosmos so I slept in WAY late today~and got surprised this afternoon with yummy prezzies from my master AF! (Thank you, sweetie! I love them!) So after I got them, I HAD to try the bubble bath…and the soak…and the body cream….lol. I’m calling it the “bath of the century” actually…yes, it was that good! *Smiles* Yummy pink bubbles smelling like marshmallows and peaches!! I swear, you guys would laugh your asses off if you ever saw me in the bathtub….I start by rolling over onto my tummy and bending my knees so my feet are up in the air? Then I rest my face on the edge of the bathtub and close my eyes. It feels SO good but I’m sure it looks pretty funny! :) I do sit up on my knees when it’s time to shave my tight lil pussy all sweet and clean….which I did today, of course….

On that note, I got LOTS of prezzies from my wishlist today….in the mail AND some that haven’t arrived yet!! You guys are spoiling me rotten!! Again!! (You know who you are!) And you know I love it :) So thank you again….for making your sweet lil girl SO very happy!

I’m available and taking calls for now…well, only on “alerts”, but it’s so much later than I’d usually be up!! I’ve been available since like, 6pm EST but no favorite callers OR favorite feedback to mention…what’s up with that?? *Giggles* Oh wait, except my sweet weatherman….WOW I love playing with him!! I can’t tell you all the details of our call tonight~cause it was SO naughty and yummy!! Suffice it to say, that he made me cum all over my fingers (more than once) and he came too (all over my face!) SO much fun!! (And I missed you sweetie~so TY!)

SO, if you’ve been missing me (cause you know I’ve been missing you!!) call and play with me tonight!! I should be available until at least 1:30 AM EST….after that, I’ll be back after 3pm EST tomorrow.

Bye for now!! Xoxo, Kylie

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