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Thursday afternoon….

Hi guys :) Let’s see, what to tell you first? Well, I woke up super early this morning and went to work out right away…I guess I’m starting to get motivated or something? Lol… My sides are SO sore though….my obliques, I think? Yeah, they’re absolutely killing me!! So I came home and did exactly what I wasn’t supposed to do~and that was go right back to bed cause I was still sleepy! Lol…. You guys kept me up so late last night! :) No complaints though, I was super horny and a little bit buzzed so I was having fun and I didn’t want to go to sleep. I think I finally logged off at like…1am EST or so? And even then I had to make myself cum one more time. Up on my hands and knees last night….sliding my yummy pink vibe in and out of my wet lil pussy and rubbing my clit…SO yummy!! :)

But as usual, I digress, cause I have favorite callers to mention! First and foremost, my master AF, who called to play with me last night AND today! I think last night was the hardest he’s ever made me cum….it’s hard to know for sure cause he makes me cum SO often! Lol… But seriously….I was his nasty lil hypno slut last night and I loved every second of it! (So TY sweetie!) I especially loved the part where he shot his huge load of cum deep inside me…yes, I think I definitely liked that the very best! *Giggles*

I also played with a “semi new” friend, the DarkSoul….we’ve talked a few times, but I call him semi new cause I’ve never written about him here before~which is mostly because although he always leaves me yummy feedback, he usually does it a few days later, so I’ve already written about my favorite callers for that day. Anyway-WOW is he so much fun!! I won’t share details cause the fantasy we did was super naughty….suffice it to say, I LOVED it and I can’t wait to play with him again! He wrote me my favorite feedback from yesterday, I’ll add it below but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Why oh why do we only get to leave 5 stars? She deserves 25 after tonight! OMFG! I shared one of my most delicious fantasies with her and she jumped right in. I thought she was right here with me. We both got our cardio workouts for the night. Kylie is the sweetest and the naughtiest you will find on this service. Others pale in comparison. No wonder she is #1 on my favorites list!

Thank you so much for that, sweetie! I loved reading it :) On that note, I also wanted to mention, just cause I needed to clarify…..when I mention my “Favorite Callers” here in my journal? I know you guys value your privacy, and I never want to violate that….I always use my own little “cryptic shorthand” to refer to you guys, just FYI. I NEVER use real names, the closest I come to doing that is some abbreviation of your Niteflirt member name….and I only tell details of fantasies with certain guys. If you see details spelled out here, it’s because the guy in question has given me permission to share or in some cases, even asked me to do so!! I just don’t want you shy ones to be worried that I’m going to put all your business “out in the street” unless we discuss it beforehand! So no worries :)

I am available and taking calls now, until 9pm or so EST. I know, I need to start being up later all the time-probably this weekend I’ll do a few “late nights”…but I’m kind of addicted to that show, “The 4400″? And I have the end of the second season on DVD and I HAVE TO watch the rest of it tonight!! Plus I want to catch up on my sleep a little bit. There’s LOTS of time till then though, so call me tonight!! I’m in a good mood and I want to cum some more…so cum play with me! I may write again here later if I have time…we’ll see.

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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