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Girl on Girl Action….

Hi guys :) I told you I might write again here…..I didn’t really plan on staying up this late, I was watching “The 4400″ and getting really into it…..but then I decided to log onto “alerts” just cause I was horny and bored. And my master AF called to play with me. And guess what he said to me?

He said he wanted to play with me AND another girl……and he said I got to choose which girl it would be!! So, although I know LOTS of other phone sex sluts….it had to be Nikki, a hot little redhead with great tits and a cute, tight little ass! (I can’t offer a link here cause she’s THAT fucking good~so NO cheating on me!! Lol… If you want to play with her, you have to do it WITH me!) Anyway… I guess I should give you some backstory….. for the longest time, at least the last 6 months, I have had a little “girly crush” on this girl~she’s SO fucking hot!! AND, she’s so nice….we’ve talked back and forth on yahoo a little….and she’s always been so sweet to me! So….we waited for her to become available, and then we called her….well, he called her anyway…I was on 3 way. And then… OMFG.

She and I started talking….and playing….while he was listening….I’m sure he was stroking his cock during all this, Lol :) She wanted to pull my legs up so she could hold my knees and start to lick my pussy……sliding her tongue in and out of me and sucking down hard on my clit when I started to cum. Ummm….yeah…I would say that THAT made me cream harder than I’ve cum in a VERY long time!! All over her face and she loved it!! She got on all fours and let my master fuck her from behind and I got to choose where he would cum on her-of course I chose all over her hot lil ass!!

So, if any of you guys are thinking that you might like a hot lil “Kylie Threesome”? Please leave comments or email me! Please? Let’s do it with Nikki….she made me cum SO fucking hard!! Actually….this is a request. I have to play with her again….

SO~for those of you who didn’t know, yes, I’m bisexual….I hope that didn’t shock you too much!! For those of you who DID know….wow, it’s been a long time since I fucked a girl…and I didn’t even get to lick her pussy this time!! (You know that’s my favorite…..) Maybe she’ll let me taste her if you call us for another threesome sometime? *Giggles*

Oh, and as a footnote…..she and I had never actually talked on the phone before, and afterwards, she commented on how young my voice sounds…. Of course I thanked her, but I wonder if it made her pussy wet…..?

I am available and taking calls now cause after all that~I’m SO fucking horny!! So call me if you want to play….I should be on for a couple more hours. After that, you’ll have to look for me tomorrow after 3 pm EST.

Bye for now!! Xoxo, Kylie

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