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I’m a “Late Bloomer” today….

Hi guys :) Okay, so I was up SO up bright and early today, like 9am I think it was…..and as usual, I logged on to my Niteflirt, checked my email, checked my phone sex message boards….you know, what I do every day. The LAST thing I do every morning, is check my website…mostly cause that’s an easy and quick way to see my alexa rating so I can see if my website has been getting visits while I’ve been sleeping….

Well, when I checked it today, I couldn’t go there. Because my site was totally and completely down…technical difficulties….which also meant I couldn’t update my journal here, AND that my Niteflirt listings weren’t showing up~cause all of those images are hosted on my server as well. Now, remember I said I noticed this at 9am EST?? The problem wasn’t corrected until about 8pm EST. SO, I didn’t want to log on and be completely available~cause you guys wouldn’t even be able to see my listings, right? So I was also royally pissed off! I had a little spoiled brat tantrum, actully….LOL!! You know how I do….

Anyway, I was thinking that none of you would call me tonight….but WOW did you prove me wrong!! I have been a busy little girl since about 5pm….which is always a very good thing!! Lots of playing and cumming~and you all know how I LOVE that!! Lol…. SO, favorite callers? Let’s see…

Well, I’m a little torn here….my master AF called to play with me last night AND today….and made my lil pussy cum SO hard as usual….and of course left me my favorite feedback!! hmm…which one to share with you guys…? We’ve talked a few times in the last couple of days, but I’ll add what he wrote about our call with Nikki cause I liked that one the best. You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie is my very very favorite, I mean there is no one else that I would even consider talking to unless it was a gift for this hot bi-bitch! She is smoking hot, The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Forget what she writes about herself, trying to be humble and compliment someone other slut telling her that she is the best. That is bullshit, Kylie is the best!

Did I mention I loved cumming with Nikki?? Yeah…LOVED it!! Lol… But seriously, wasn’t that so sweet? My master is so good to me. (So TY, sweetie.) Okay, but the reason I was torn was because I also played with a new friend, RB….for a super hot looong call tonight. What to even say about him….he’s SO yummy!! I guess all I’ll say for now is…that he thinks so much like me~and by that I mean super kinky and dirty~so I TOTALLY enjoyed our call!! SO much! And I can’t wait for him to call me again! (So TY again, sweetie….I had so much fun with you!! Be good until we talk again! I’ll try to…but I’ll remember what you told me to do….) Oh…I almost forgot (but how could I?) my sweet, sweet, favorite weatherman called to give me a few yummy orgasms….sliding his fingers deep inside me and fucking my tight lil pussy hard and fast from behind just the way I love? SO fucking hot!! (I LOVED it sweetie! TY!)

That’s it for favorites, cause no one else remembered to leave me feedback? *Pouts* Hopefully you’ll all remember to make your sweet lil girl smile over the next couple of days…? :) Anyway, that’s why I’ve been a bit of a “late bloomer” today. I’m kind of horny tonight though, so I’m going to be available and taking calls for a couple more hours. So call me if you want to play with me! Just a little visual before I go: I’m sitting at my desk, wearing a peach colored ribbed tank top, no bra…and some tiny white boy short panties with a pink stripe around the waist band. My hair up in a ponytail and I’m wearing my glasses~cause I have to see the computer screen don’t I? Lol…. I usually take them off to rub my pussy though…..and I’m going to have to do that pretty soon waiting for you to call and make me cum! So don’t wait too long….I’d hate to have to do it without you…..;)

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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