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UP…all night!

Hi guys! :) Remember that show that used to be on USA network late at night….I was so young, like 10 or something, so I don’t really remember her name…wait, Rhonda Shear, or something like that? Blonde with really huge tits? Yeah, as I started to write this entry, that’s all I could think about :) See, look how I spaced it and everything? Imagine her saying it just like that and you’ll remember what I’m talking about. WOW, funny memories….in order to be up long enough to see that show I used to have to sneak downstairs and leave the volume really low on the TV. I would always get caught though! Funny, my mom would notice the sounds of the TV, but a few years later when I would sneak guys in and fuck them on the living room floor? She never heard a thing! Well, one time she did ask me if I had been hungry cause she heard me “in the kitchen” at 4am….and I was so thinking, “Hungry for what, mom? Cause right then I was getting cum blasted down my throat…I don’t think I was being too loud, actually.” No, I didn’t actually SAY that!! Lol… Remember? I said I was thinking it….but wouldn’t that have been a great response? LMAO!!

But as usual, I digress…..the reason I’m up this late is cause I just got home from Walmart so I could buy a new air conditioner for my bedroom. My old one was leaking all over the carpet and I don’t know if any of you noticed, but it was super loud when I was on calls. I either had to put a pillow over my face or just be sweltering hot while I was playing! And I do mean sweltering cause I tend to get way into it when I’m rubbing my pussy…. Anyway, even though it was kind of expensive, my friend Matt drove me there AND installed it for me~and, no pussy was exchanged for the favor! Lol… So now my princess pink bedroom is SUPER cold, and once I finish playing tonight I plan on being naked under all my covers and sleeping like a baby :)

Let’s see…favorite callers….not too many today…wow, I just went to check~NONE to mention!! I had like a million short calls today! Which I love just as much as long ones-especially when they’re so hot I get to cum a few times :) Lol…I guess I do have some favorite feedback to share though….from my master AF (of course!) We had a yummy call this afternoon, but we were both so horny it didn’t last too long! I’ll post it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Every single day this hot slut surprises me with her sexual energy, naughty thoughts, and nasty fetishes! This bitch takes the gold medal in every way possible. Time to get up that podium and get your medal as the Hottest bitch on NiteFlirt!

SO sweet!! (So TY, sweetie!) He just called to wish his favorite little slut (yes, that would be me!) sweet dreams and a good night…because, YES, I AM available and taking calls for the next hour or so. I had to cut my night short with the whole Wal Mart trip and I’m still horny, so I’m up…and playing…and almost naked (cause it’s almost naked time! Lol)….and you should totally call me!! I won’t be on much longer than 4am EST though…so if you don’t catch me now, look for me after 3pm EST tomorrow.

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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