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My Princess Day (Again!)

Hi guys :) Just a quick note to say hi for now, becasue of course, it’s Tuesday again! And you know what that means, it’s my “princess” day off! I don’t have anything huge planned for today….I slept in way late, like till almost Noon, made myself some lunch, and now I’m trying to convince myself to just go ahead and take my marshmallow scented bubble bath instead of stressing about cleaning and doing laundry. I swear, I’m so domestic sometimes, it makes me laugh! :) Actualy, let me take that first part back….I was trying to decide, but as I wrote this I remembered that if I don’t do any of it now, it will just drive me nuts later. Better to get it out of the way while I’m still only wearing panties, right? Lol… They’re cute little blue and white gingham boyshorts today, before you ask….with cute little ruffles across my ass :)

Anyway….let’s see, what else to tell you? Well, I was only on “alerts” all day yesterday…I had kind of a sad afternoon and I was in a weird mood so I didn’t make myself completely available. I know I’ve told you this before, but I never log on to take calls unless I’m totally ready to play and feeling sexy, so I don’t think I even switched to alerts until like….5pm or something? By then I was feeling much better and I’m SO glad I logged on! Cause I had so much fun cumming with you guys last night! I probably have some favorite callers to mention cause I had SO many calls….so let’s see:

Well, I just checked, and I guess there’s only one really, and that would be my friend K. That’s all I’m calling him cause I think he likes me to keep our playtime a little bit “secret”. Suffice it to say~it was a loong call, and it was SO yummy! I didn’t even use my toys, just fingered my wet lil pussy and STILL it was so fucking hot! (So TY, sweetie!) No favorite feedback to mention, cause K was the only one sweet enough to write some for me! Oh, well. *Sigh* (Just teasing you guys….but you know I LOVE to read your notes!)

Oh! I should also say a very special thank you to my master AF….cause after I told him how sad I was yesterday? He wanted to make his sweet lil girl smile so he bought me some more yummy prezzies from my wishlist which definitely brightened my mood! (You’re SO good to me, sweetie and I so appreciate it!! Thanks for always being so nice and so generous….I absolutely love it! But you probably know that already…)

And I guess that’s it!! I’m going to try my very hardest to just hop in the bath once I’m finished writing this~and try to actually take a whole day off for once! Lol…. After that, I think I’ll watch a movie….I just got “ATL” and “She’s The Man” so maybe I’ll spend a day on my couch with my Arnold cat and watch movies and just relax all day. Well…relax and rub my pussy a little, I mean! It’s starting to thunder outside so I guess there’s a storm coming? (It’s really LOUD thunder, too…anyone wanna come over and protect me? Lol.) I already made myself cum once today….it’s pretty hard for me to resist touching myself when it’s all shaved and smooth like this :) Anyway, have a great day, guys~be good and think LOTS of yummy thoughts about me!! I’ll be back and available after 6pm EST Wednesday night.

Xoxo, Kylie

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