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Thursday evening….

Hi guys :) Yes, I know it’s late….I’m a big sleepyhead again today, but WOW did I have a late night last night! Or should I call it an early morning….? Lol… I don’t know what posessed me to stay up quite so long, I just get really into doing stuff on the computer and if you guys keep calling me then I keep being horny :) And to the person who emailed to tell me that I’m a bad girl for staying up past my bedtime? I can’t help it that I always want to cum again! I will NOT be accepting the spanking you said I deserve! *Giggles* Unless of course, you want to finger my pussy while you do it….in which case….maybe. :)

Anyway, as usual, I digress. Last night I was just finishing up all my stuff and thinking that I would log off and go to sleep, when one of my very favorite guys called me for a nice loooong call….I think we were up talking until what, almost 8 in the morning? SO much fun though! (It had been too long, sweetie~I missed you!) AND it was such a yummy hot call!! See, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve been teasing his cock for a VERY long time. Probably since the very first time I met him, actually…but he always has such willpower to resist me. (I know, how could he, right? Lol.) Well, last night….no, wait…. I’ll leave him a tiny shred of dignity and stop there! Let’s just say I was in a horny little zone and I wasn’t taking no for an answer….and I was a little bit stronger than his willpower this time! (Now, don’t blush if you’re reading this, sweetie…I meant it when I said I absolutely loved it!) Which is good, cause it always makes me smile when you guys let me have my way. *Giggles*

After that, I was totally exhausted~I’m never up that late anymore, maybe I’m getting old or something? :) Anyway, I went to close my Niteflirt screen and I saw the sweetest feedback from the DarkSoul! Like seriously~so sweet that it almost gave me a second wind and it certainly put a huge smile on my face! I’ll add it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Oh wow! Well, she coaxed a flood from me again, guys. Kylie is so sweet, and soooo naughty–just like me! Seriously, if you haven’t talked to this girl you should. She is totally into having fun with it, and have I mentioned her imagination? I told her the general type of fantasies I’m into and then revealed a bit of a fetish of mine and she generated a scene all her own for us to play that involved my favorite fetish with my favorite kind of fantasy. If I didn’t have more self-restraint, I’d be bankrupt! She is a gem, treat her as such.

OH, how I LOVED reading that!! (Thank you so much for that sweetie!!) See, yet another example of what I’ve been telling you guys for so long: if you’re kind enough to just tell me what you like when I ask, I’m more than happy to make up a yummy roleplay scene for us to play! It makes me cum so much harder when I can tell that you’re into it! Most of you are pretty good about that actually….I guess I’m writing that to guys who’ve never called me before, in case there are any reading? But still, you get my point :)

So, even though I’m totally late today, now you know the reason why~and I should be available and taking calls by no later than 6pm EST. I think it’ll be a short night for me though, I’ll probably only stay on until 9pm. And, I haven’t made my pussy cum yet today…maybe one of you will be nice enough to call and help me out? *Smiles*

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

PS I almost forgot!! I got some more yummy wishlist prezzies from my master AF and my sweet weatherman today! (So thank you both SO much!!) Some of the gift cards I get with my prezzies are starting to make me blush, though….SO naughty!! Seriously! You guys are going to give me a “reputation” with some of these mail order companies! Lol… Of course I’m just teasing, you know I love it!! And I’m SO excited about my bath tonight… I’m going to have a yummy lavender and lemon scented bath with water that’s blue like the ocean :) Bye again, guys!

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