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Wednesday late night….

Hi guys! :) Okay, so I was SUCH a sleepyhead this morning! It’s so weird…like, sometimes my body will only let me sleep like exactly 7 hours and no matter how many times I try to go back to sleep, it’s impossible? And other times, I’m completely exhausted and I’m able to sleep in for hours and hours….. Today was one of the latter, cause I slept in until like…1pm? was SO nice! I was naked (as usual) and it was so cold in my room! A couple of times I woke up and felt horny, so I tried to rub my pussy to make myself cum? And then I would wake up like, 2 hours later and be like, “Hmmm….what happened?” Lol…. Does that ever happen to you? I feel like it might just be a girl thing, but whatever :)

Then,I enjoyed my “day” off with my Arnold cat and watched a couple of movies…”ATL”, like I mentioned yesterday and “Edison Force”. I think I liked “ATL” better, only cause the storyline was so much more real. “Edison Force” was kind of a waste of time, in my opinion….especially considering all the huge name stars who were in it. I can’t complain about watching LL Cool J lift weights with no shirt on, though! Lol.. SO yummy :) And Dylan McDermott? Umm…yeah…he was a little bit crazy. Well…MORE than a little bit in this movie! I think you guys would like it though. (So take my recommendation and check it out! Lol!)

I logged on tonight at like….6:30pm EST? So I was taking calls straight through until 10pm….no favorite callers to mention, but I do have some favorite feedback! My friend Tex called to play some yummy hypno games with me…and made me cum so hard all over my big pink vibrator! I’ll add it below, but you can also read this on my Hypnotized Submissive Listing:

Kylie was deliciously naughty tonight. I’ve called a half-dozen of the Hypno-Hotties and they are a group of hot talkers. Kylie exceeds any expectations that the rest of them provide. I look forward to talking to her again soon.

Now, that was so sweet! (And that call was HOT, so thank you sweetie!) Oh! I also got some prezzies from my sweet, sexy weatherman today from my Amazon wishlist~and I LOVE them!! (So TY, sweetie! Did I mention I miss cumming with you? Yeah, we have to do that again soon….) You guys are so good to me lately, I swear! It’s like Christmas in July around here :) Actually, the next person who buys me something will make me have 4 pages of prezzies purchased~which means that my list of things received will be as long as the list of things I still want! I wonder which one of you will end up helping me “break my record”? I can promise, there will be special surprises in store for whichever one of you does…. :)

And I guess that’s it! I’m still available and taking calls, until 2am EST or so (See? I TOLD you guys I’d start doing more late nights!!) so if you’re still up, cum play with me and call me!! My pussy is all wet and slippery cause my sweetheart the DarkSoul just called to make me cum….not telling you guys anything about that call yet, though….we’ll have to wait and see if he leaves me some yummy feedback! :) But regardless~I’m horny and I wanna play! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 3pm EST tomorrow.

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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