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My new talent…..

Hi guys :) Wow, I’m so used to explaining why I’m late right at the beginning of my entries, I almost don’t know what to do with myself when I’m actually on time! Lol… I’ve been available and taking calls since exactly 3pm EST today~yes, I really logged on right on time! I had lots and lots of sleep last night after my yummy blue bubble bath…. I had my bath and then I had some dinner and then I was up with my Arnold Cat watching stuff on TV that I had recorded on my DVR. Is that not like, the greatest invention ever? I HATE having to sit through commercials….guess it’s the little spoiled brat in me or something, lol :) I watch more TV now though, since I can fast forward through all that crap. I still watch a TON of movies, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t mention them as often here as I did on my old diaryland journal. Mostly because I like to add a picture of the actual DVD cover, and I’m still trying to figure out how to add images to this new format! Every time I try it, it just comes out wrong. *Sigh* Anyone who’s available to tutor me privately, please feel free to email? I’m a really good student, I promise I’ll do absolutely anything to get an “A”!! Lol…just a little humor for you guys…. Teacher/student is one of my favorite roleplays, though!

Anyway, so last night, before my yummy bath, I was up taking calls until about 11pm EST. I wasn’t like, amazingly busy, but a few calls here and there, which is pretty much what I expected having only logged on at 6:30. But yet again, you guys came out to play with me and made Kylie a VERY happy lil girl!! :) The most interesting thing though, was that yet again (this is 2 nights in a row now) my last looong call was from a pathetic little pussy boy! Now, you guys know I’m not usually into domination…for lots of reasons that I won’t go into here (cause I devoted an entire entry to it earlier this month!) Lol…. But, the main reason is…I guess I’m kind of old fashioned? I feel like a man should be a REAL man, so it just doesn’t feel natural for me to be the dominant one….a few of you have always told me that I have a “domme” inside me if I would ever quit being so nervous about letting it out, but I just never listened. Wait, I mean I just never believed you!

But last night, I talked to…hmmm…we’ll call him LoserJ for now…..who wanted me to totally humiliate him and actually laugh at him for not being a real man. And I don’t know, something just clicked on in my head, and for some reason….I could just do it! Without even trying really, I just called him names and listened to him stroke his cock for me? SO yummy! I won’t go into the rest of it here, just suffice it to say that I think I may have found a new talent :) I had SO much fun!! (So if you’re reading this sweetie, know that I’m very pleased with you for amusing me so thoroughly last night! Be a good boy and call me again tonight so I can reject you some more!)

Now, the rest of you real men …don’t get scared thinking I’m going all “hard core dominatrix” on you or something…. My very favorite thing in the whole world is still to be the sweet little slut you’ve come to know! Yes, slightly submissive but no matter what, totally into pleasing you and making you cream all over me! And, I’ve already gotten a spanking for my master AF for presuming that I’m allowed to be in charge of anything! Lol… But seriously, I wrote that more for guys who haven’t played with me yet….especially those who might have read my website and my old entries and thought I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) unleash my spoiled brat bitch princess on them! Lol… Cause apparently I can? *Giggles*

SO, I’m available and taking calls now, I will be until 9 or 10pm EST. I’m only on alerts for now, but I’ll be switching to “available” within the next 20 mins or so. I hope you guys are going to cum out and play with me? I look so sexy today! Red tank top with spaghetti straps-no bra, super short white cotton shorts-no panties. I like to play when I wear these shorts, cause they’re so thin, when you get my pussy all wet and slippery, it soaks right through the cotton and I get a sexy lil wet spot right over my pussy :) So call me tonight if you’re looking to play with me! Cause I wanna cum some more!

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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