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WOW, I hate Florida weather!!

Hi guys :) Okay, this is just a tiny little update…just cause I was finally getting into a really good call just now! I’ve been off and on on alerts so I’ve been playing a little, but not nearly as much as usual. I had just logged on to be completely “available”, and who calls me but my sweet Pussy Boy….. So we’re talking, and I’m just getting another glass of wine and just settling down to enjoy myself…and what happens? This HUGE lightning bolt shot out of the sky and thunder started to boom? And then my power cut off…totally and completely. Like, it tried to come back on twice, but no go. And I was SO pissed!! (So I’m SO sorry, sweetie! You know I was dying to talk to you again….check your Niteflirt mail~I sent you a little surprise for next time.)

Anyway, so I HATE Florida weather!! I haven’t been actually evacuated in 2 years….but the power outages are driving me absolutely insane!!! And it wasn’t even raining that hard!! *Pouts* So, my call got cut off and now the power’s back on….so I’m going to log back on and be available for another hour or so. Hopefully some of you were waiting to play with me so you’ll call me tonight? :) I hope so…. I’ll write again here if I have to log off again for “technical difficulties”. (Grrr. LOL!)

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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