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Monday afternoon…..

Hi guys :) Well, I thought I’d write you a quick note, just in case you’re wondering why I’m not logged on right now. I don’t know, I guess all of my late nights have been catching up with me! I’ve been staying up and taking calls late night almost every night this week…but I guess you know that already! Anyway, I went to bed WAY early last night, like at 11pm or so…then I woke up at like, 5:30 this morning and I just could NOT go back to sleep! Which totally pissed me off~don’t you hate it when that happens? I did the whole tossing and turning thing…then I decided to make myself cum. Why I didn’t think of that first, I really don’t know! *Giggles* Obviously, that worked~and it was a yummy orgasm too! But that didn’t happen until like…8:30am or so? So when I finally got up for good, I was just a little bit cranky and still sleepy.

Wow, that was a really long drawn out way to tell you guys that I won’t be available and taking calls today! Lol… Remember when I said that I only log on to take calls if I’m feeling horny and sexy? Well, since I am most definitely NOT either of those today, I figure I’ll just start my day off early, and actually take TWO days off this week like a normal person :) Of course I say that now, but I always start missing you guys too much when I’m only off for ONE day, lol… So if you’ve been missing me and looking to play, you might want to look for me tomorrow night…chances are pretty good that I’ll at least be on alerts! And, as usual, if you see me on alerts, feel free to call me! *Smiles*

Just cause I’m not feeling sexy today, does NOT mean I’m not in a great mood now, though! First, I got more yummy wishlist prezzies from my master AF…some hair products from London that I really wanted and I can’t wait to use! (So thank you, sweetie!) Then, I got the sweetest little note from my pussy boy AND, my favorite feedback~which I will share below, but you can also find this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Here ye, Here ye, Here ye…This was by far THE BEST call in Niteflirt’s history. Powerful, engaging, stunning. Her style is soooo powerfully sexy…keenly aware and smart,incredibly steamy and hot,and super cool at the same time…one will honestly ask himself (at least once) if he’s falling in love with her…Truly incedible — thank you Kylie!!!!!!

Wasn’t that so sweet?? It was actually hard to choose which one to share, cause he wrote me a couple of really good ones today! (So TY, sweetie!! You know how much I appreciated that….try not to “drip” on the carpet, now! You might get in trouble for that. Hopefully you remember what I mean…)

So, have I mentioned how cool it is that you guys are always so sweet to me? Yes, I am definitely a very lucky girl…..and spoiled…and WOW do I get to cum a lot!! Lol… Was that too many things to list? :)

Now that I’m telling you guys I won’t be on, I almost don’t know what to do with the rest of my night! Hmmm…probably a bubble bath….some TV….it IS Monday, so at 10pm I can get my weekly David Caruso fix on “CSI Miami”! Lol…. I was supposed to go to a party with Erin tonight, but I think I’ll stay in and catch up on my sleep instead. I’ll write another entry here when I’m available again-even if it’s not Tuesday, I’m going to be taking calls all day on Wednesday, so check back here tomorrow for the exact time.

And I guess that’s it! Be good….and think lots of yummy thoughts about me….and plan on playing with me when I’m back in a day or so! I’m sure I’ll be super horny by then~so I can’t wait! :)

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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