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Any volunteers?

Hi guys :) I swear, I’ve tried to write this entry for today like 4 times already…it was raining like hell earlier and my power went out, as usual….gotta love hurricane season in Florida, right? Lol… That’s also why I’ve been on alerts for the last 2 hours or so…I just didn’t want to have my power cut out in the middle of playing with one of you :) But now, happily, the rain has stopped, so now I can write to say hello AND log on to be available and taking calls~so right after I finish writing here, I’ll be doing that. *Smiles*

So, let’s see….last night I stayed up taking calls for a little while…..then I totally got my reality TV fix and watched, “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Project Runway” that I had recorded….I guess those are kind of girly reality shows so you guys probably don’t watch them…but OH how I love both of them!! Except that girl Heidi on “Dance”…..she is SO ugly to me! Lol… I guess she’s a good dancer though….

Got lots and lots of beauty sleep last night, and then I woke up to a call from my sweet pussy boy…do you think he likes me lately or something? *Giggles* Actually, he’s getting VERY good at professing his undying devotion to me….but that’s besides the point. That’s what pussy boys are for right? LOL… He did NOT remember to leave me any feedback today, even though it was a looong call…but I’m going to share another one of his sexy lil feedback notes from the other day cause I liked it so much! As usual, you can also find this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie will leave an impression you…Trust me! She fills your mind so completely when she engages you…you will find it difficult to think about anything else with her sexy voice echoing inside your head. If Kylie had grown up in greek mythology, she would have made a truly formidable Siren — all the men in Macedonia would have been at her mercy. Warning: The effects can last up to 72 hours, so do NOT operate heavy machinery, or do so at your own risk.

SO sweet! (So TY sweetie~check your email…I wrote you a lil note re: what we were talking about today…)

OH!! AND, last night, I also got some more yummy wishlist prezzies from my master AF~who is, yet again, spoiling his sweet lil girl in the special way that only he knows how! (TY SOOO much, sweetie!! I can’t wait to get them all!) So now I’ve officially broken my record!! 4 whole pages of yummy prezzies that you guys have bought for me!! I think it’s…what now? 80 total? :) A girl could get VERY used to this!! *Smiles* You’d better be careful, or I might become even more of a spoiled brat than I already am! (That’s a good thing though, right? Lol) You know I love it…..absolutely, positively LOVE it!! So TY again!

So as I was writing this, I was trying to call and pay some of my bills….but since they’re not officially due till August, I had the hardest time getting them to let me give them money!! I kept getting told that since my bill was current, I needed to wait until the new one was mailed out. What the hell is that??!! I started flirting with the web hosting guy actually…..I had him all stammering and stuttering and stuff cause I gave him the super sexy voice just for fun? Mmmm…he was SO adorable! I wonder if he was extra nervous cause he’s actually seen my site so he knows exactly what it is that I do…? *Giggles* Oh well, who knows? :)

And I guess that’s it! I’m about to be available and taking calls, only until about 9 or 9:30PM EST tonight….I want to call my mommy and then I’m thinking I might go to a party at my friend Matt’s girlfriend’s house….I guess we’ll have to see. But there’s LOTS of time till then, so call me tonight if you’re horny!! I haven’t cum all day…cause you know pussy boys aren’t any good at getting girls off! I need a real man for that! *Smiles* Any volunteers?

Bye for now, guys! Xoxo, Kylie

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