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I’ll explain…..

Hi guys :) Well, I guess you’re wondering what the hell is going on with that entry below, cause none of you have the password, right? *Smiles* Well, the truth is…I was up VERY late last night, and while I was up and playing, I decided to write a little short story. It got a little bit…naughty…so I decided to offer it for sale on my site! (Made my pussy a lil bit wet, to tell you the truth, but anyway…..) But, as I tried to add it to a NF paid mail button, I was told that it was too long to include the whole thing. Who knew?? Apparently, you can only have 9000 characters? Lol….. SO, I thought: wouldn’t it be a good idea to just add it here to my blog, and make the paid mail button for the password? And as I kept thinking, I thought….WOW, that’s a good idea! And anyone who has the password can see ALL of my protected entries….like…over the next few weeks, I can add all of my erotic fiction, and voice clips, and maybe even a picture or two? It would be almost like a fan club~and I would absolutely love it!!

But then I thought….maybe I should put a time limit on it for now….like, to make it a “lifetime” membership, I would have to charge a lot more, and I want to keep it reasonable for you guys!! SO, this is what I came up with: for now, anyone who clicks this button to get the password for my protected entries (it’s only $6.00)

will not only get access to all my super hot secret entries for the ENTIRE month of August, they’ll also get 2 free minutes to speak with me! (I’ll send them to you as soon as you accept the charge for the mail.) It’s instant, no waiting, as soon as you click the button, you’ll be given the secret password that you can use for ALL of my secret stuff! Not to mention, that you’ll get to cum HARD after you read my sexy lil short story…. This one’s a little bit taboo, but I think you’re going to LOVE it :) So make sure you let me know what you think :)

I was up super late taking calls last night, till almost 6am EST just like I said I would be…no favorite callers to mention except my sweet, sweet favorite weatherman…he called to make me smile cause he saw I was still up and being a VERY bad lil girl! *Giggles* I made a few new friends and had some nice looong HOT calls, but no one remembered to leave me any feedback (*sigh*) so no more special hellos for now.

So, after the last few hours of MORE website issues (so I had no listings!) I am now available and taking calls :) I’ll be on until about 8pm EST, and then I think I’m going to call it a night….yesterday was one of, if not THE busiest day I’ve ever had! So thanks again for cumming out to play with me guys….I was horny and I was missing you!! When you keep my phone ringing off the hook, it makes Kylie a VERY happy lil girl :) Make sure to call me tonight, if you’re looking to play….I haven’t made my pussy cum since this morning and that time, I was interrupted by the mailman at the door! I swear, at the WORST possible moment! I was about to cum, and he knocked so loud it scared the shit out of me….and made me start to cum when I wasn’t quite ready to. *Pouts* Not quite as satisfying, you know? I was pissed! So I wanna cum some more! :)

Anyway, bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

PS As I finished writing this entry, I was informed (lol) that my master AF was shopping my wishlist yet AGAIN, and spoiling his favorite sweet lil slut completely ROTTEN!! And, OMG, he bought me the last perfume on my list that I SO wanted….my all time favorite scent, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel…..and it was very expensive! He’s so generous! *Smiles* I am going to smell SO incredibly sexy and I can’t WAIT to get it!! (And I thank you SO much, sweetie…..I LOVE it!! And you know how much I appreciate it!) Bye again, guys :)

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