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Saturday afternoon….

Hi guys :) I swear, I’ve been thinking about writing here for the last hour or so, and now that I’m actually doing it, I can’t remember what I wanted to say! Oh well….let’s get the usual stuff out of the way, I guess :) Last night…I ended up doing what I planned and actually logging off around 8pm. I talked to my Mommy for a while, she loves to give me business ideas and brainstorm with me and stuff….and that’s definitely a very cool thing, but last night I could NOT get her to stop talking!! I guess I kind of take it for granted that my mom has absolutely no problem with me being a total phone whore? *Giggles* Somehow, I think she’d still dislike it if I ever went into lots of detail…but I don’t like to shock her little conservative mind so I don’t do that too often.

AGAIN, I digress! Anyway, after that I had a long, pink, creamy candy scented bubble bath courtesy of my favorite weatherman (TY sweetie!) and then Erin came over to watch movies and hang out for a while. She brought me some German wine this time though, so of course we didn’t pay attention to the movie for long! Lol… I declined her offer to drive to the bar though, and took myself right to bed for my beauty sleep at, oh…I guess it was about 3am. Which is an early night after hanging out with her! As most of you well know…

This morning, went to work out with my trainer and cleaned the house a little…took a shower and had some lunch…decided to write to you guys (obviously! Lol) I should be available and taking calls shortly, from 3 or 3:15pm EST until at least 9, maybe later. I haven’t made my pussy cum at ALL yet today! So hopefully some of you guys are in a good mood and looking to play with me? If you are, call me! That would definitely make me smile!

Speaking of making me smile, I almost forgot~my new friend WD left me some really sweet feedback from our yummy loong call the other night! I’ll share it below, but as usual, you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Wow ,Thats it my favorites have been wiped clean.There is now only one the list and Kylie is it. She is the one and only. She had me harder and more wound up then anyone ever has. I am waiting for the next time shes around so I can spend another night of pure kinky,nasty, and erotic bliss. Darling you had me cumming all over the place. Till we meet again you sexy young thing. Fellas dont miss out KYLIE IS THE ONE AND ONLY ONE YOU NEED.

You guys keep raising the bar with these feedback notes, I tell ya!! You know I love it though~I guess I tell you that often enough! Lol… But seriously, thanks SO much for that, sweetie! Made me smile :) Now, if any of the REST of you want to make your sweet lil girl smile today, you could be sweet to me and leave comments for me here when I write something you like! You all used to be so good at that, and now no one leaves me ANY! *Pouts* Well…I did see ONE comment for my erotic story from the other day, but that was it. Don’t you guys love me anymore? :) You know I’m just teasing you a little….but that would sure make me really happy today……. (hint, hint!) LOL!!

Anyway, I guess that’s it! Bye for now, guys! Xoxo, Kylie

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