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Addicted to Oral….

Yes, I guess I just need to share, hence the title, for a lot of reasons! Number one, cause you guys are always asking me what I fantasize about, and I have to be totally honest here and tell you that most often? It involves at least one guy (sometimes more than one! Lol) licking my pussy. I don’t know why really, especially cause…well, you may not know this, but….so… I’ve been having sex for a really long time…but the first time I let anyone go down on me? I was 18. And no one ever made me CUM from licking my pussy till I was 19! And after that, I just kind of lost interest, I guess? Like I didn’t want to be disappointed, so I never put myself in a position to be? So only recently (the last two years, really) have I really started letting guys go down on me on a regular basis. And for real! I am SO completely and totally addicted to it!! *Giggles*

I guess I wouldn’t have to be quite so fixated today, if I hadn’t had THE hottest call with my sweetheart WD last night (Ty for calling to play with me sweetie! I had SO much fun! Even if you haven’t left me feedback yet…I know you’re busy working…) I don’t think I’ve EVER had anyone lick my pussy quite that way before! Or describe it, for that matter :) So I can’t get it out of my head!! So sue me! *Smiles* No big deal, you guys like it when I share what’s going on in my head, don’t you? :)

Anyway, that’s why I’m not available just yet, in case you’re wondering….I’ve been talking all morning on a nice looong call and I just needed a few moments of silence and to grab some lunch cause I was starving! So I’m taking a short break until 5:45pm EST or so. But after that, you guys should totally call me and play with me tonight!! I’m horny and I haven’t cum all day long…

In the meantime, before I go, I’ll share some of my favorite feedback with you. It’s from an old friend JB23, and WOW did we have a HOT yummy roleplay yesterday!! :) You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Amazingly wonderfully stunningly good. Kylie listened to my fantasy, jumped right into it, and the biggest challenge for me was holding back the cum-explosion Kylie’s voice helped create. She was sweet, sexy, naughty and creative, and I loved every moment of her time. Strongly strongly recommended.

SO sweet! (So TY, sweetie!) I’m taking a few more minutes, listening to these new Lisa Loeb CD’s my master AF sent me from my wishlist (I absolutely LOVE them sweetie~TY SOOO much!!) and then I’ll be available and taking calls until 10pm EST. I will be logging on 11pm-2am, as per my new “summer hours” posted on my website…I’m still really SUPER horny! But don’t plan on it for sure, cause I don’t know yet. Either way, make sure to catch me tonight if you’re looking to play with me~cause you know what tomorrow is! (That would be my Princess Day, in case you weren’t aware.) *Giggles*

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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