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My Phone Sex Anniversary…..

Hi guys :) Yes, I know I promised you an entry last night! I just got so busy with calls that I didn’t have a single second to sit still and write one! I love it when you guys keep me busy like that…I don’t even think I can COUNT how many times I used my yummy pink vibrator last night! And I was only on for like 4 hours! :) Anyway, my point was, I try not to get too involved with PC stuff while I’m available, I like to be able to hop right up from my desk and go to my bed when you call me…without having to worry about the computer going into “hibernate” and possibly losing all my work. SO, now that it’s been DAYS since my last entry, I’m back! :) I feel like I have so much to say….

Let’s see….well, I really didn’t do too much on my Princess Day. I went to get a deep conditioner at the salon, I told you guys I went blonder last week, didn’t I? I LOVE the color, absolutely love it…but I have to do a lot more to keep it soft and silky now. I guess I can’t complain about getting to go have my hair dresser wash my hair for me, though. GOD I love the scalp massage! SO yummy! :) You’ll see some new pics of me and my new blonde hair on my listings within the coming week.

Anyway, other than that, I just did stupid domestic stuff, grocery shopping and laundry and stuff…which isn’t NEARLY as much fun now that they’re done working on the house across the street. It’s no fun to go outside wearing next to nothing if there’s no one to tease, you know? *Giggles* So I had LOTS of cat naps, and ordered my dinner in, and watched LOTS of “Desperate Housewives”~I just got the second season on DVD. WOW do I love that show! As I’ve said before, I kind of have a thing for redheads, so Marcia Cross just DOES it for me!! And I better just go ahead and stop on that subject now, or I might get out of hand! Quit while I’m ahead. :) You guys would probably enjoy one of my redhead fantasies though…. Oh well, we’ll just save that for another time.

I also watched this movie, “The Sentinel”.

Which was good, but only kind of. Like, they had Michael Douglas playing this “Jack Bauer” type character, and he wasn’t THAT bad, I guess…. But Kiefer Sutherland was IN the movie!!! How the hell do you make Michael Douglas the “bad ass super spy 007″ guy, and then cast Kiefer Sutherland opposite him as some FBI investigator??? Don’t these people watch, “24″?!! VERY disappointing, to say the least….so I guess I’ll say I’d skip that one if I were you. :)

I’ve ALSO been working on my new website, which is finally all done just the way I wanted it! You guys should totally check it out~the url is and it turned out SO cool!! It’s mostly a site for my Niteflirt group, the “CallMeCuties”, which I’m sure you’ve all seen the banners for on my site and on my listings. But there’s also links to webcams, and solo girl sites, and FREE naughty pictures of my favorite phone sex girlfriends. And links to call them! You can click the link I just gave you, OR look to your left on this page for the link to “Call Me Cuties Website”. If you have a second, leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

Like I said, you guys kept me busy last night, so I do have a favorite caller to mention, and that would be my Wildcat, who I hadn’t talked to in so long! (I missed you, sweetie! TY!) Yummy taboo roleplay, like you all know I love! And perfect timing, too…cause he’s one of the VERY first guys I talked to when I started on Niteflirt last year! It might have even been exactly a year to the day…cause you remember what today is, right? It’s my Niteflirt anniversary, like I told you on Monday….

Hopefully, some of you will CUM out to play with me tonight in honor of my special little day? :) I’m available and taking calls right now, and I will be until at least 9pm EST, maybe later. So call me tonight!! I just got out of the shower, so I smell all sweet and sexy, wearing a peach cotton tank top and my pink and white princess panties from my sweet sweet weatherman (so I LOOK all cute and sexy, too!)

Bye for now!

This Week’s Sugasm

Hi guys :) Yes, my Princess Day is over…*sigh*…lol! I’m back now, and I have lots of yummy stuff to tell you! Which, unfortunately, I won’t be doing until later. I’m not quite available yet and I have some stuff I need to finish up before I can really sit down at the PC and devote my attention to an entry. So you’ll have to stay entertained checking out some of the sex blogs below until then~I should be available and taking calls after 6pm EST.

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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My anniversary!!

Hi guys :) I just thought I’d write really quick cause it’s almost the end of my night, and somehow, I overlooked the whole “blog entry” thing for most of this afternoon! :) I was doing some work on that new website I keep teasing you guys about, and playing with my Niteflirt listings…. Did I mention that my listings are about to change? I’m going to add some new pictures~not as many of my face cause I just feel like it will be better for me that way. As a personal safety issue, you know? I’ll let you know here when the changes take effect.

So…I know that tomorrow is Princess day and all….and I DO have some stuff planned…but I thought I should let you all know that there’s a VERY important day coming up on Thursday! What day is that, you ask? Well, it’s my Niteflirt anniversary! My one year anniversary, can you believe it?! I know my NF homepage says I started on 6/4/2005, but I was still working for a service before I did Niteflirt full time. A LAME service at that, I was barely getting any calls at all, so I had to quit and do Niteflirt full time ASAP. So August 31st is the official FIRST day that I did ONLY Niteflirt calls.

And WOW, am I glad I did!! It’s so much more fun to talk to you guys without having to go through a dispatcher, and be able to let you guys see my websites ~I couldn’t even EMAIL guys I liked when I was working for a service without getting in trouble! Lol… Anyway, hopefully you guys will cum out and play with me Thursday in honor of my NF anniversary? Hey, why not call me on Wednesday, even? :) I’ll be on after 6pm EST that night. OH! And~I’ll send a yummy naughty picture of me to everyone who calls and wishes me a happy day on Thursday! And, FREE minutes to anyone who buys me a lil anniversary gift from my wishlist! Just so you know….

Have a great night guys!! I’ll be taking calls for another 20 minutes or so, but I’ll also be looking forward to playing with you on Wednesday or Thursday!

Bye for now!!

Did you miss me? :)

Hi guys :) Did you miss me? *Giggles* Well…. in case you were wondering, I had quite an interesting night with Erin last night. We went to a couple of bars downtown, not within walking distance of my house, but within walking distance of eachother~which was a VERY good thing, cause we were drinking cosmos and getting totally trashed really quick. I NEVER drink cosmos, either~but they were just so good to me last night! Lol… So we were dancing, and drinking some more, kind of talked to a few guys….well, we let them buy us drinks anyway! :) Nothing too serious…. sometimes it’s good to just have a girls’ night. Like, no guys involved and just laughing and talking? SO much fun!

Anyway, we came back to my house at like 2am all by ourselves, took showers and then went to sleep in my bed as usual. I guess we were really drunk though, cause when I woke up, I saw that we both slept naked…a small detail that I didn’t remember from when we went to sleep! It was really weird though…like, I always thought it would be weird if she and I hooked up (which we did NOT last night!) which is why we always wear stuff to bed. But it wasn’t weird at all~we just got up and got dressed and she left around 2pm this afternoon.

So after she left, I had a yummy pink bubble bath, courtesy of my favorite weatherman (of course! TY sweetie!) and I’ve been on the PC for like the last hour working on a new website I’m planning. I can’t tell you anymore than that for now, cause it’s still in the “planning phase”, lol…but I can promise you that you’re gonna love it!! I’ll write more here later when it’s all done~probably in about a week.

Speaking of being on the PC, I was also reading my Niteflirt listings and I saw some new yummy feedback from my sexy Irish guy! What a hot call that was….I swear, between his accent and his naughty fantasies….makes my tight lil pussy cum SO fucking hard all over my fingers every time! :) I’ll share it below, but you can also find it on my Anything Goes Listing:

Yet again this stimulating, sexy woman took me straight to Heaven, although we managed to commit many of the more delightful sins along the way. No matter what role I ask her to play (and she revealed afterwards that she’d never played tonight’s one before) she manages to play it to erotic perfection. I will never get over her beautiful, seductive voice and the effect it has on me and the way she manages to unlock the erogenous zones in my mind.

So SO sweet of him! Don’t you think? :) Thank you so much sweetie! I LOVED reading that! Other than that, I’m not doing too much today…just sitting here talking to my friend Nikki from California, about to log on and be completely available and taking calls. I’ll be on until 9pm EST tonight, so if you’re horny, mske sure you call me and play with me tonight!! I haven’t cum all day! :)

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

How HOT am I? :)

Hi guys :) So, I guess you can see by the time that I’m already logged off for the night! I’ve been taking calls all afternoon/evening, but I’m on my way out the door to go to a club with Erin. We’re going solo (no guys) so who knows if I’ll actually get fucked tonight! Lol…. I guess we’ll have to wait and see….

I’m going to write another longer entry tomorrow~hopefully I’ll have some favorite feedback to share? *Giggles* Cause I did have some yummy, HOT calls tonight…. Either way, I’m going to leave you with this little quiz I found earlier. I’ll post my results below, but you should take the quiz yourself by clicking the link under the graphic and leave me a comment to tell me how hot YOU are!!

You Are Super Spicy

You're a little bit crazy, a little bit naughty, and a whole lot of sexy.
You go beyond hot - you set people's senses on fire!

Don’t you agree? *Smiles* I am most definitely a whole lot of sexy!! At least that’s what they tell me…. Lol… Have fun tonight, guys!! Look for me tomorow after 3pm EST.

Xoxo, Kylie

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