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My NAKED pictures…

Hi guys :) I hope the title of this entry wasn’t too misleading, because I guess I should tell you right now that there will be NO naked pics of me posted here today. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you: Because our wonderful president of the U S of A, George W. Bush, has just signed into law a bill called HR 4472. This bill is an extension of the 2257 record keeping statute (I know some of you have asked me about the 2257 statement posted on my site). I’m not going to go into particulars here, just cause I don’t want to bore you to death. Suffice it to say, that because of the ambiguity of what needs to be done to keep compliant with records and reporting, I will no longer be offering nude photos for sale OR for public viewing on my website, or on my Niteflirt listings. I really appreciate the support all of you have given me and hopefully things can be worked out at some point in the future so I can make the nudes available again. I’m sure you all will understand that as much fun as it is to take the pictures, and making you guys happy and horny selling them! It’s just not worth not being compliant with the new law. SO, yes, I have removed the hot picture of my ass from my site that I know you all love so much *sigh*. AND, most of the pay to view buttons on my site and on my listings *double sigh*… I just wanted to let you all know so you won’t be too disappointed…cause believe me, I am pissed!! Lol…

Now, on to happier subjects! :) I got so much sleep last night! I don’t think I woke up till like…1pm EST or so? And then I just stayed in my bed (yes, naked, as usual!) rolling around under my covers and enjoying the super cold air :) Had some lunch~yes, I cooked it myself! My dinner the other night turned out well BTW, if you were wondering! Well….I didn’t burn anything, in any event… *Giggles* I just got out of the yummiest turquoise colored “sorbet” scented (smelled kind of like apricots) bubble bath, courtesy of my master AF (TY sweetie!) and now I’m sitting at my PC, wearing a light blue ribbed tank top and some super short white cotton shorts, no panties… up in a ponytail…smelling all sweet and sexy cause I also just got my new bottle of Chanel perfume today (also from my master AF)….and I LOVE it!! I swear, I could almost cum just smelling this stuff on myself~it smells SO yummy! I’m just finishing this note to you guys before I log on to be available and taking calls.

I’ll be on until at least 9pm EST, but probably 10 tonight. I only got to play with my pussy once last night, so your sweet, slutty little “Princess Kylie” (Lol…just kidding! But I couldn’t help throwing that in there!) is very pouty this afternoon….won’t one of you call me to make me smile and make my pussy cum? *Giggles* I sure hope so….

Bye for now, guys! Xoxo, Kylie

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