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Good Girls Get Rewarded…

Hi guys :) Well, last night ended up being a VERY late night for me! I guess at about 10, I decided that I would stay up for one more hour….and then one more….and you guys kept calling to play with me! So, one thing led to another and I finally got naked and climbed into bed around the same time the sun was coming up! *Giggles* I had so much fun playing with you guys last night! And I’m sure I have some favorite callers to mention…so let’s see….

Wow, there are so many! Okay, my sweet, sweet TexasTed, who didn’t mind letting me have my way with him last night! I guess it’s a good thing when I miss you guys so much that I have to climb all over you and attack you? *Smiles* (And I DID miss you, sweetie! So TY for calling me! I know we’ll talk soon…) Ummm…oh YES, my favorite sexy weatherman missed my tight lil pussy too! Well, actually, he called to remind me that only bad girls stay up that late past their bedtime :) That’s okay though, cause I didn’t get a spanking for it…I DID, however, get fucked hard until I screamed and then I came all over his big cock! I wonder…does that mean that the reward for good girls is a huge load of cum all over their faces? Lol… (SO yummy, sweetie~TY!) And, my sweetheart the DarkSoul….what to say here? I might still be delirious from that call, actually~he makes me cum SO fucking hard!! Yummy naughty roleplay and I got to be SO slutty! And I LOVED every second of it! (You know how much I love playing with you, my luv….I’m still smiling about that last thing you told me! I can’t wait till next time!)

So I know I keep saying this, but late nights can be so much fun! And if staying up that late past the end of my “schedule” means that you guys will keep my sweet lil pussy cumming all night long….WELL. I’m going to have to make an effort to do it much more often! Wait, maybe that’s the real reward for being a good lil girl! Lots and lots and LOTS of orgasms. Yeah, I think that must be it. *Giggles*

I’m a little bit late already (I know, again!) so I’m going to end this now. I’ll be available and taking calls all night tonight from 4pm EST until 9pm EST. Hopefully, I didn’t wear you guys out last night! Lol… Cause if you’re horny tonight, call me!! I can’t wait to play with you! :)

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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