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I like big toys…

Hi guys :) So…the title of this post….. Well, I was just talking to my favorite sexy weatherman, and he was asking me about how I liked the vibrator he bought me a few months ago. Now, I know this next part is going to be a little bit hard to believe, but: the HUGE hot pink vibrator he bought me is actually an exact replica (the same “make and model” anyway~god, that sounded like I was describing a car! Lol!) of the very first vibrator I ever owned. Granted, the first one I ever got was mailed to me by one of my first phone sex boyfriends…I’d say, about….11 years ago? *Giggles* So you do the math….

Anyway, we were talking about how it fills my pussy up so full, and the sexy little gasps I make when I feel it go all the way inside me, and I was saying how I always have to suck on it so much to get it to fit all the way in. And then I finally “connected all the dots”, and told him, which is so VERY true, that I don’t know HOW in the hell I used to fit it in my pussy back then when I had my first one! Like, my pussy was so tight back then I could barely fit my finger inside me! And I sure as hell didn’t know what lube was….I’m sure my mom would have found it and gotten pissed at me if I had! :) But still… I should tell you guys about the time she found my vibrator sometime….not now though….although it IS a funny story! Note to self: I’ll tell you about that some other time! I promise.

SO, the point here: is that after that, cause it took me SO long to get that big old thing inside me, I’ve spent the last 5 years or so only buying really small toys. Like…I didn’t want to have to try that hard, and I didn’t want to stretch my pussy too wide open…. So, only after he sent me this toy did I remember how much fun it is to fuck myself with the really big ones!! Now, no worries: I still don’t classify myself as a “size queen” or anything…’s a whole lot easier for a plastic dick to have patience while I work it inside my tight lil pussy, than it is to tell a guy with a huge monster cock that he just won’t fit deep inside me yet! *Smiles* So, IRL, I still prefer my men on the average side…..but WOW, do I LOVE my big toys!! (So TY again for that one, sweetie….)

I’ve been available and taking calls for a few hours now, since 5pm EST or so….not really doing too much cause I’ve been busy talking to my girlfriend Tara…..she is TOO fucking funny! She keeps telling me all these stories about how she’s like a total domme princess now…how she humiliates all these guys and makes them do whatever she says? I only wish I could do that stuff on a regular basis….you guys know how I am! :) BUT, she’s totally hot, and if you’re one of those guys who’s been dying to have me humiliate you and REALLY put you in your place, you should totally call my friend Tara!! You know I only reccommend the very best!!

And I guess that’s it! I should be online and taking calls till like 9pm EST. I’m going to make an Italian dinner tonight, Chicken Cacciatore with some angel hair pasta, and I totally plan on not burning ANY of it!! LOL! So, I’m going to cook it, and then enjoy it, while I watch some “Law and Order CI”. GOD, I love that Vicent D’Onofrio!! I don’t know why, but his character on that show just DOES it for me! They say that character is actually based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyles’ Sherlock Holmes…. I’ve read a few of those, when I was younger, and I guess I liked them and all….but they never made me horny like he does or anything!! I guess I kind of have a thing for smart guys…. Just smart ones though! NOT ones who wear funny tweed hats and smoke cigars all the time! *Giggles*

Anyway, if you’re looking to play with me, call me in the next hour or so! Otherwise, look for me tomorrow after 3pm EST.

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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