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My sweet lil young voice…

Hi guys :) Okay, so the funniest thing happened to me this morning! I was calling this guy I know….well, he’s really a guy who wants to fuck me, I guess. But I don’t want to fuck him, even though we’ve done it before….so I was calling him at work on purpose cause I knew he wouldn’t have too much time to talk. Wait, that was bitchy, wasn’t it…. Okay, sorry for adding the bitchiness, but it’s true! Lol… And anyway, I digress… SO, I called his office, and I got someone else, cause he couldn’t come to the phone. So I left a message for him to call me back and didn’t think anything of it.

Well, he calls me back like 30 minutes later, and he goes, “What did you say to the guy who answered when you called?” And I said, “Nothing, I just asked for you and left a message!” So he says, “Well, I got done with my conference call and he was waiting for me in my office….he gave me the message and then asked me why there was a 15 year old girl calling my phone…and he was like, standing there with his arms crossed asking me what was up.”

And that just made me laugh, like hysterically! Cause I didn’t even give him the super sexy voice or anything, but still this guy at my friends’ work thinks he has some young teenage girlfriend now!! LOL!! Too funny… I guess you guys aren’t wrong when you tell me how young I sound all the time…. I’m going to take that as a compliment though, for obvious reasons! *Giggles*

So, I’m on “alerts” right now…I just didn’t want to log on and be completely available cause it was raining. *Sigh* Again. *Sigh* I just didn’t want my power to cut out in the middle of something….although I HAVE had a few yummy calls already! *Smiles* And then I got busy doing stuff on the PC, doing some changes to my website and some little things that I’m always procrastinating. I updated the feedback that’s always posted at my “make me smile” page, so you should check it out to see if one of YOUR sexy lil feedback notes made it onto my site! (If you haven’t checked it out yet, I don’t use names, only feedback comments….just FYI.)

And, I guess that’s it! It’s stopped raining and thundering now, so though I AM incredibly horny (I haven’t cum yet all day!) I am NOT logged on yet! Lol… I just wanted to finish this note to you first. I’ll be fully available and taking calls by 5:15pm EST until at least 9pm EST. So if you’ve been missing me, call me tonight!! I’m not sure yet if I’ll be doing my late night hours from 11p-2a tonight…we’ll have to wait and see. Remember, tomorrow is Princess Day, so if you don’t catch me tonight, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday night to call and play with me! Unless of course, you happen to be that special someone who was looking for me on yahoo to make my pussy cum early this morning (you know who you are!) For you, I’ll log on anytime! (Even if it IS my Princess Day!)

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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