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Wedesday evening….

Hi guys :) Just writing a quick note before I’m available and taking calls tonight. YES, I had an absolutely wonderful princess day yesterday! I worked out with my trainer in the morning…you’ll be happy to know he actually talks to me like a person now, instead of just staring at my tits! Lol… My body hurts again though!! My thighs and my ass are fucking kiliing me! *Pouts*

Anyway, after that, Erin came over and we watched, “Inside Man”

WOW, was that so good!! I had to watch the end of it twice cause there was a bit of a twist at the end…don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you! But did I mention how I love men with accents? Umm…yeah…Clive Owen is SO sexy with his deep British accented voice? Yummy!!

Then we just had a few people over till late night…drinking wine and playing cards and stuff. But there was only one straight (as in heterosexual) guy in my whole house, and he was the guys Erin’s currently fucking! So, no flirting for me. *Sigh* So I kicked them all out at like 3am to watch the porn movies my sweetheart RB just sent me! *Giggles*

Now, I’m not usually a “visual” person when it comes to making my pussy cum…I usually much prefer to leave it to my imagination, so to speak. Like, pictures in my head of stuff I’ve actually done and slight variations on sexy calls I’ve had? But I actually LIKED this movie!! A LOT! I wasn’t going to add a link here, but what the hell: it was called, “It’s A Daddy Thing”…and you all know how much I enjoy that particular fantasy, right? *Blushes* Yes, it’s one of my favorites…my only complaint about the movie was, that in most of my fantasies, I am definitely getting my pussy licked!! And there was NONE (no, not even one scene!) of that in this one. But don’t think that was enough to stop me from getting out my huge pink vibrator and fucking my pussy HARD last night!! Because it most definitely made me cum! More than once. (So TY, sweetie! I’ll watch the second one tonight.)

I had a good day off but I’m so looking forward to playing with you guys tonight!! I’ll be logged on by 6:30pm EST at the latest, probably until 10pm EST or so, so call me tonight if you missed me! A little visual for you before I go: I’m wearing a white baby t shirt, just above my belly button, some light pink boyshort panties with “sugar” written on the back in silver glitter. (My mommy just sent them to me, they’re so fucking cute on me!) My hair is down around my shoulders, a little bit damp still cause I just got out of the shower…and yes, that means my pussy is shaved all sweet and clean! Before you ask. :) And no, I haven’t cum since 4 this morning when I was watching that movie…..

If I don’t end this now I’ll be writing all night! Lol…so I guess that’s it! Bye for now, guys!

2 Responses to “Wedesday evening….”

  1. JB says:

    Do your flares have knappers? Crikey

  2. Kylie says:

    What the hell does that mean? :) I have no idea what you’re talking about….or are you doing a British accent for me or something? LOL :)

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