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Just one more….

Hi guys :) So…which one of you will it be? The very last call of my evening (or morning, as the case may be!) that I’m waiting for before I go to sleep….? I’ve been up taking calls all night tonight, so let’s see, do I have any favorites to mention….?

Ummm…my sweetie JohnyO, called me with another naughty little scene that made my lil pussy cum SO fucking hard!! (TY for cumming with me, sweetie, that was awesome!) And, my sweet, sexy weatherman called to play with me as well….hmmm….what to say about that call? Well, he was missing my tight, sweet, bald lil pussy, so he licked it accordingly! And you all know how much I love that….. Then I got to choose how he would fuck me…and I wanted it from behind! I begged him to fuck me harder and he pounded his cock DEEP inside me until I came SUPER wet all over him…. AND all over my fingers! *Giggles* (Thank you SO much for calling to play with me, sweetie~I missed you!) I should also say hello to my new friend PK….he likes my naughty erotic stories :) But, he also has a knack for knowing exactly what I need to hear when I’m rubbing my clit….so yes…believe me!! He and I get along QUITE well! *Smiles* (Did you mean what you mentioned to me, sweetie…or were you just teasing me…? I guess I’ll find out soon enough….)

As far as favorite feedback…none to mention for tonight…but I DO have some from the other day from my sweetheart TexasTed that I will share with you cause he makes me so happy lately! I swear, something about a southern gentleman who is totally willing to please me just SO does it for me!! Lol… Anyway, you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Absolutely the best. Kylie is by far the most sensual and erotic woman I have ever spoken with. Her voice is sooo sexy… She has many qualities that make her attractive, one of which is to know exactly where you are and move you…. I am mesmerized. Baby… you are wonderful

Mmm…that was so sweet!! Like I said, he’s very good at making me smile lately…especially with the sweet lil emails he was sending me tonight! (And you know I LOVE it, sweetie~so TY!)

And I guess that’s it! It’s one of my late nights tonight, and I’ll be up until 5am EST or so, so unless you’re one of my very very favorites~no, wait, not even THEN do I think I’ll be able to wake myself up early tomorrow! *Smiles* I won’t be available again until after 3pm EST tomorrow. But if you’re up late (I mean right now!), and you’re horny….be my very last hot call for the night and call me tonight? I can’t wait to play with you!!

Xoxo, Kylie

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