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Sooo….later than I planned!

Hi guys! :) Just a quick note to tell you two things. Number one~THANKS for cumming out to play with me after my last entry!! I was hoping you would! *Grins* I just got off a SUPER looong call with a new friend, I’ll call him “IA” for now…and mmm…what a yummy call it was!! So now it’s almost 8am EST and yes, I am STILL awake!! But seriously, I really appreciate it, guys! I LOVE meeting new kinky guys….and I got to make myself cum TWICE during that call! :) SO yummy! (So TY, sweetie!)

Number two: Since I’m still up, I’m going to be available and taking calls until 8 or 9 AM EST, but after that? I’m going to literally put earplugs in my ears, turn my AC down WAY cold, and get into bed to sleep until I wake up on my own. That means no alarms, no waking up on schedule, ringers turned off, just me~naked in my bed sleeping till it’s time for me to wake naturally! So my point here, is that I will most likely NOT be available and taking calls at my normal 3pm EST tomorrow. OOPS, I mean today! This coming afternoon.*Giggles*

If you’ve really been looking to play with me, call me in the next hour and thirty minutes!! If you don’t catch me this morning, I’ll probably be online at….say….5 or 5:30pm EST tonight. So try not to miss me too much, and keep the “cheating on me” to a minimum! *Giggles* and make sure to call me after 5pm tonight!

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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