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HOT Saturday….

Hi guys :) It’s just another HOT as hell Saturday afternoon here in sunny Florida, so I’m doing what a naughty girl does best~and that would be, enjoying the heat wearing as close to nothing as decency allows! *Giggles* Just a white tank top with purple spaghetti straps and some purple and white striped cotton boyshort panties. Yes, I just got another care package from my mommy today! :) It still makes me laugh every time I get a box of panties and cutesy stuff from her… She asked me one time, “So, what do you wear while you’re taking calls and stuff?” And I said, “I don’t know Mom….not too much usually…just panties and tank tops with the bra built in and pajamas most of the time.” And ever since then she keeps sending me the cutest little outfits! She doesn’t read this journal cause she says it’s too explicit for her (lol) but I’ll still say a huge thank you to her right now just in case she drops by sometime! *Giggles* Just in case.

I also have to say TY to my sweetheart Christopher for the CDs he bought me from my wishlist! (I just got them today and I LOVE them sweetie! TY so much!!) I just sent one of them to my mommy cause I know how much she’ll love it. Okay, is it way too easy to spend too much money on or what?? I just went there to buy my mommy a CD, and ended up buying her two of them, and some shampoo, and a new George Foreman grill for me….. I stopped after that cause I kept seeing the total rise and it was scaring me! :) Not that I ever have a problem spending too much money….but jeez!!

So, I’ve been available and taking calls since 3:30pm or so….do I have any favorite callers to mention….let’s see: none yet for today, although I have had LOTS of calls. Good job on that BTW guys~I’ve been on alerts and you’ve still been calling to play with me! WOW, finally it’s sinking in that I still want to play even when I’m on alerts! *Giggles* For those of you guys who talked to me longer than 15 minutes….all you have to do is leave me some yummy feedback (hint, hint!) and I’ll say a special hello to you as one of my favorites! Like you don’t all already know that….

Anyway, I should be available until at least 9pm EST, probably more like 10pm, but we’ll see. So if you’re horny, call me tonight!! I’ll be opening a bottle of wine soon, and you know what that means! Yep, I’ll be buzzed and horny~and I know how you all love that! :) I can’t drink too much early tonight though…I’m supposed to meet Erin and her BF and this new guy Nick I met out for drinks… Maybe your sweet lil girl will actually get fucked tonight??? We’ll have to wait and see, I guess….but I certainly HOPE so!! It’s been WAY too long! Either way, I’ll tell you guys all about it tomorrow, I promise!

And, I guess that’s it! Bye for now, guys! Xoxo, Kylie

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