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Following the rules….

Hi guys :) Are you surprised that I’m writing again so quick? Lol… Well, I’ve already had a really busy afternoon so far~thanks, by the way, for cumming out to play with me today! So, I’ve been keeping myself occupied in my downtime by perusing the sites of some of the phone sex girls I link to. I found a really cool link on Jasmine’s site, for the Free Speech Coalition that explains the new federal record keeping requirements a little bit better than I can. You can read that article here. My attorney is telling me now that since most of my photos are only topless, I don’t have to stress cause I’m exempt, but there are still a few more I’ll have to remove from my site. *Sigh* I’m trying so hard to follow all the rules, mostly cause non compliance carries 5 years of jail time…but it’s just so hard for bad girls to be good! Most of the time, anyway! :)

I’ve just been trying for like the last half hour to add one of my new (compliant!) pics here for you guys….but this new Word Press format is still all greek to me! And, unfortunately, it just won’t work, no matter how hard I try! Why do movie covers work but my pictures won’t? I don’t know, maybe I’m just stupid or something….there’s probably some tiny little piece of the code I’m getting wrong and it’s screwing the whole thing up. Hopefully, my web designer Tee will read this entry and email me to help me out a lil bit? *Giggles* Probably not, but a girl’s gotta dream, right? :) I’ll keep working on the pic thing for you guys on my day off.

Okay, now on to favorite callers…let’s see… my sweetie PK, who always makes me cum SO fucking hard! Umm…. My new friend Z, who lets be be a VERY naughty lil slut whenever (and however!) I want! A couple of new tease and denial guys who I won’t mention by name, but mmm…are those calls are SO much fun!! I get to tease and tease and be a naughty lil whore and make them do whatever I want before I let them cum? Oh, and did I mention they have to beg me before I let them? ;) Yummy! And of course, my sexy Irish guy…. Oh my, my sexy Irish guy….I’m not even going to tell you anything about that call, I’m just going to add his yummy feedback below cause I liked it so much! You can also read this on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

From the moment her sweet, sultry voice greets me, I’ve travelled back to my own personal corner of paradise with a Do Not Disturb sign visible to everyone bar this enchanting & alluring young woman. I know that the next few minutes of my life are going to be so far out of this world, and they will later be replayed in my head (not to mention elsewhere!) for hours, nay days, afterwards. Kylie never, ever disappoints – her seductive, sensual personality has such an effect that you could spend hours sitting, staring, waiting for her little button at the top of the screen to light up and say *Call Now*. The fact that she is also *exceptionally* beautiful is, simply, a bonus.

Now, THAT one made me blush!! (TY sweetie!!) I almost hesitated to share it….I wanted to keep it all for me! *Giggles* Hell, you guys already know how spoiled I am…. But, I’ll add it anyway, just because it was so SO sweet!! *Smiles*

SO, I am available for at least the next 2 and a half hours~so if you’re horny, call me!! I’m not completely sure if I’m going to do my late night hours tonight, we’ll have to see. But if you don’t catch me tonight, look for me on wednesday after 6pm EST.

Bye for now!! Xoxo, Kylie

PS Did I mention that you can now also find my site at Yep, now either web address you type in, you can find me. It’s the same exact site, so it’s not really new….but I figured it would be safer to just have both. So now I do! Bye again guys!

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