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It’s HUMP Day….do you wanna?

Hi guys :) And yes, before you ask, I AM available and taking calls right now! I was a little bit late logging on tonight, partly becasue of the last 3 DVDs of “Prison Break” that I just got in the mail, and partly because of the completely exhausting day I spent at the DMV…and the car insurance place…and then the DMV….and then the car insurance place again! Lol…. It was a LONG shitty day and I was in a pouty mood….but, I got it all taken care of and now I’m back at home, sitting at my desk, wearing these really short powder blue cotton shorts (no panties~of course!) and a white tank top with spaghetti straps (no bra~of course!) enjoying a glass of my favorite Australian Chardonnay and writing a quick note to you before I completely log on to take calls tonight.

I’ve just spent the last little while chatting with an old friend (who will remain nameless for now….just cause I’m starting to like to keep my secrets better nowadays) and I had SO much fun!! He always makes me laugh so hard!! Someone said to me the other day, that making a girl laugh is the quickest way to her heart….I think that may be very true! *Smiles* (So it was SO nice to talk to you again sweetie! Look for my email later tonight…) Other than that, no favorite callers to mention for now…. Maybe you guys would like to change that? *Giggles* Tonight’s one of my late nights, so I’ll be available and taking calls till 1:30 or 2am EST, so if you feel like playing, call me tonight!! I haven’t made my pussy cum all day…..wait, I mean, not since this morning when I played with my sweetheart J….and mmmm, did he make me cream all over my fingers!! Yummy taboo roleplay of my very favorite variety, and I loved every second of it! (So TY sweetie!) But, back to my point: I wanna cum some more!! *Giggles* So call me!

But…I guess that’s it! Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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