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Late start…..

Hi guys :) I am SO sorry, I was such a late starter this morning!! I don’t want to call myself a sleepyhead exactly….but I guess I was…kind of, anyway….LOL! I was up late playing last night, and then I had to watch some more “Prison Break”…yes, I’ve finally finished watching the entire first season~thank GOD the new season starts on Monday so I can just record it to watch it with no commercials!! *Smiles* I think I may be going overboard, though…cause all last night, all of my dreams were of the guy who plays “Michael Scofield”….some were totally tame, but some were decidedly….sexual….. And I didn’t even think I was especially turned on by him!! But…you won’t hear any complaints from me about naughty sexy dreams that have me wake up with my panties all wet and sticky against my sweet bald lil pussy!! I don’t care WHO they’re about! *Giggles*

I did have a late night/early morning call from my favorite sweet, sexy weatherman this morning…. Mmmm…that was SO yummy!! I teased his cock nice and slow with my tongue and then I begged him to fuck my pussy really slow….and HARD…and I came more than once all over my yummy pink vibrator! And my fingers… of course! (So TY SO much for calling to play with me, sweetie! You know how much I was missing you!)

So today, even though I did have a late start, I’ve been available and taking calls for a few hours now….and you guys must not like me today or something? You’re leaving me all alone to play all by myself…… *Pouts* SO, I’m occupying my time by working on a NEW (yes, I said brand new!) erotic story I got the idea for while I was rubbing my pussy this morning *smiles*, and adding new stuff to my amazon wishlist~you guys are cleaning me out again!! I just got some Italian bath stuff and a VERY cool digital voice recorder with a PC link fom my master AF (TY again, sweetie!) but I see that someone (or a few someones?) have been spoiling me yet again? Should I say again that you guys are spoiling your sweet lil girl completely rotten? Or do you just get it already? *Giggles* I think you get it, so I’ll save it for now…but I do SO always appreciate it!! Thank you so much! (Whoever you are….)

I should be on until 10 or 11pm or so EST….I don’t have any favorite callers to mention for now, but hopefully you guys will help me change that and call me tonight? :) I guess we’ll have to wait and see…. But I’m horny!! So I hope so….

Bye for now, guys!! Xoxo, Kylie

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