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Saturday afternoon….

Hi guys :) Well, I did what I said last night and logged off around 10pm or so. I DID finally have some rather yummy calls last night, too! You guys are really slacking off on leaving me feedback, so I only have one favorite caller to mention *pouts*, and that would be my sweetheart RB. We talked about the porn movies he sent me….and of course he made me cum SUPER fucking hard all over my fingers, as usual! I probably should have used my vibrator, I don’t know…it was like, my clit wasn’t as sensitive as usual, or something? But I just couldn’t stop touching it to take the 3 seconds it would have taken me to grab it out of my nightstand drawer! When he gets started talking to me it’s hard for me to do anything but listen! And cum, but that’s beside the point :) (So TY, sweetie~that call was HOT!)

Then I spent the rest of the evening making myself some yummy angel hair pasta with shrimp and marinara (out of a jar this time, I wasn’t feeling ambitious enough to make it homemade!), then watching some stuff on TV I had recorded from earlier this week (GOD I love my DVR box!) Then I went to bed and got a good night’s sleep. I was asleep by midnight… I know, so early for me lately, right? *Smiles* I’m all refreshed and happy today though, so it was a good thing. :) I know I missed a couple of arranged calls late night last night (You know who you are!) so I’m VERY sorry for that….but they were both after 3am EST, and even when I stay up late, I’m not often up quite THAT late! So try me again soon! :)

Hmmm…where was I..? (Digressing, yet again….lol) OH! I woke up today to wishlist prezzies from my sweet, sweet favorite weatherman….I guess HE was the one spoiling me again, after all! (I can’t wait to use this one, sweetie-and I REALLY can’t wait to get the rest of them! TY!) And that kind of put me in a mood….I guess for now, I’ll call it a “princess mood”. *Giggles* So I’ve spent the last hour or so shopping online and buying myself some new skincare stuff and body creams and lip gloss and stuff…you know, all the girly stuff I love so much! What else does a princess do after being spoiled completely rotten, except spoil herself some more? *Grins* I’m just teasing, of course, but you know that was funny. Come on~you know you laughed!! LOL…

SO, I am now sitting at my desk, just finishing up all my “chores”~washing dishes and cleaning my hardwood floors and stuff….sitting here at my desk playing with my website a little and reading some stuff in the Wikipedia. I’d never been to this site before, but my pussy boy recommended an article a couple of weeks ago so I thought I’d check it out. And WOW is there some interesting stuff there!! I did a search for something unrelated, and came up with all this stuff about fetishes and paraphilias and LOTS of stuff I never knew! So I’ll probably be reading there for a little while longer, then trying to work on this new erotic story I’m writing, then I’ll be perving on some chick sites that I link to on my website. Putting myself in a nice horny little mood for later-when you guys call me tonight!! I’m available and taking calls right now, and I’ll be on till 10pm EST or so, so if you want to play with me, call me anytime. Oh, AND~if I find any good free porn during my “internet travels” today, I’ll make sure to write here again so you guys can check it out too! :)

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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