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I’m back :)

Hi guys :) Wow, it seems like I’ve been gone a lot longer than just since Monday! But it’s the beginning of my week, yet again, so I’m back now! People always think I’m weird when I say that “Mondays are my Fridays”, and so on. It’s just always been that way for me…I’ve taken Tuesdays as my day off since way back when I was still waiting tables. Kind of hard to get weekends off in a restaurant! :) Anyway, my point here is, I’m really about to log on and be available, I promise! Lol…

I did have fun on my Princess day, but I wouldn’t say I did “princess activities” exactly. I had to take my car in to get a tune up and oil change and stuff….and I had to go have an eye exam to get new contacts cause I’d been procrastinating it for too long! Umm…let’s see, what else…I watched, “Silent Hill” with Erin

and OMG was that movie crazy!! I guess it’s supposed to be based on some super scary video game? I don’t know, I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I don’t want to tell too much…let’s just say the monsters were….inventive…and it actually had a “storyline” instead of just some crazy MF with a hacksaw cutting people up for no reason (like so many other horror movies I’ve seen this year!) We did, however, have to watch some Justice League cartoons afterwards so that I wouldn’t have nightmares! *Smiles*

Today I got my nails and toes done (light pink as usual), and did some lingerie shopping. well, lingerie and bath towels, actually, but since I took a bath tonight before I put on my new lingerie, they kind of go together, right? :) Tonight I decided to wear the “tame” stuff, just a bright turquiose tank top and some cute little matching boyshort panties that say “Sexy” across my ass in white. I think this is becoming a pattern, this whole wearing sayings across my ass thing…I don’t know~I guess I just like it. Something tells me you guys might like it too? *Giggles*

Anyway, I guess that’s it! I’m late logging on as usual tonight, my bath took longer than expected. Before I go though, I have to share some of my favorite feedback from the other day cause I love it so much! It’s from my friend RMan, and he’s become one of my favorite callers lately on my Fetish/Submissive Women Listing , which is also where you can find this feedback. I’ll share it below:

always always always GREAT GREAT GREAT. she goes into orbit. If there were Oscars for best Phone Sex Fantasy Maker, she would get it. Incredible. She may roleplay great fantasies, but there is no mistake that the trigger words send her into the wildest real orgasm you could imagine. Don’t talk to her on speaker phone if you have thin walls. The neighbors would think you were fucking her brains out, she screams so loud.

So SO sweet!! I absolutely LOVED reading that! (So TY sweetie!) BTW, for those of you who wondered, when he mentions “trigger words”, he’s referring to the Helpless Hypnotized Hotties group that I’m a member of….I’ll go into that in more detail some other time, but if you’re really curious, just click the link above for the listing and you’ll understand a bit better. I hope! Leave me a comment or email me through NF and ask if you have any more questions.

I’ll be available shortly, from 7:30pm EST or a little bit before until…wow, as I’m writing that, I’m not sure. Hell, let’s just go straight through till 2am EST tonight. It’s one of my late nights tonight anyway, and I’m horny, AND, I want to make it up to you guys for being such a “lazy daisy” the last few days. *Smiles* So call me tonight!!

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

PS Do any of you feel like making me really happy tonight? :) Look in the column to the left, the section marked “Vote For Me”, and click on the links there? Whenever you do that, my site gets ranked higher, and that would definitely make your sweet lil girl SMILE from ear to ear! :) Thanks guys~bye again!

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