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Did you miss me? :)

Hi guys :) Did you miss me? *Giggles* Well…. in case you were wondering, I had quite an interesting night with Erin last night. We went to a couple of bars downtown, not within walking distance of my house, but within walking distance of eachother~which was a VERY good thing, cause we were drinking cosmos and getting totally trashed really quick. I NEVER drink cosmos, either~but they were just so good to me last night! Lol… So we were dancing, and drinking some more, kind of talked to a few guys….well, we let them buy us drinks anyway! :) Nothing too serious…. sometimes it’s good to just have a girls’ night. Like, no guys involved and just laughing and talking? SO much fun!

Anyway, we came back to my house at like 2am all by ourselves, took showers and then went to sleep in my bed as usual. I guess we were really drunk though, cause when I woke up, I saw that we both slept naked…a small detail that I didn’t remember from when we went to sleep! It was really weird though…like, I always thought it would be weird if she and I hooked up (which we did NOT last night!) which is why we always wear stuff to bed. But it wasn’t weird at all~we just got up and got dressed and she left around 2pm this afternoon.

So after she left, I had a yummy pink bubble bath, courtesy of my favorite weatherman (of course! TY sweetie!) and I’ve been on the PC for like the last hour working on a new website I’m planning. I can’t tell you anymore than that for now, cause it’s still in the “planning phase”, lol…but I can promise you that you’re gonna love it!! I’ll write more here later when it’s all done~probably in about a week.

Speaking of being on the PC, I was also reading my Niteflirt listings and I saw some new yummy feedback from my sexy Irish guy! What a hot call that was….I swear, between his accent and his naughty fantasies….makes my tight lil pussy cum SO fucking hard all over my fingers every time! :) I’ll share it below, but you can also find it on my Anything Goes Listing:

Yet again this stimulating, sexy woman took me straight to Heaven, although we managed to commit many of the more delightful sins along the way. No matter what role I ask her to play (and she revealed afterwards that she’d never played tonight’s one before) she manages to play it to erotic perfection. I will never get over her beautiful, seductive voice and the effect it has on me and the way she manages to unlock the erogenous zones in my mind.

So SO sweet of him! Don’t you think? :) Thank you so much sweetie! I LOVED reading that! Other than that, I’m not doing too much today…just sitting here talking to my friend Nikki from California, about to log on and be completely available and taking calls. I’ll be on until 9pm EST tonight, so if you’re horny, mske sure you call me and play with me tonight!! I haven’t cum all day! :)

Bye for now! Xoxo, Kylie

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