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My anniversary!!

Hi guys :) I just thought I’d write really quick cause it’s almost the end of my night, and somehow, I overlooked the whole “blog entry” thing for most of this afternoon! :) I was doing some work on that new website I keep teasing you guys about, and playing with my Niteflirt listings…. Did I mention that my listings are about to change? I’m going to add some new pictures~not as many of my face cause I just feel like it will be better for me that way. As a personal safety issue, you know? I’ll let you know here when the changes take effect.

So…I know that tomorrow is Princess day and all….and I DO have some stuff planned…but I thought I should let you all know that there’s a VERY important day coming up on Thursday! What day is that, you ask? Well, it’s my Niteflirt anniversary! My one year anniversary, can you believe it?! I know my NF homepage says I started on 6/4/2005, but I was still working for a service before I did Niteflirt full time. A LAME service at that, I was barely getting any calls at all, so I had to quit and do Niteflirt full time ASAP. So August 31st is the official FIRST day that I did ONLY Niteflirt calls.

And WOW, am I glad I did!! It’s so much more fun to talk to you guys without having to go through a dispatcher, and be able to let you guys see my websites ~I couldn’t even EMAIL guys I liked when I was working for a service without getting in trouble! Lol… Anyway, hopefully you guys will cum out and play with me Thursday in honor of my NF anniversary? Hey, why not call me on Wednesday, even? :) I’ll be on after 6pm EST that night. OH! And~I’ll send a yummy naughty picture of me to everyone who calls and wishes me a happy day on Thursday! And, FREE minutes to anyone who buys me a lil anniversary gift from my wishlist! Just so you know….

Have a great night guys!! I’ll be taking calls for another 20 minutes or so, but I’ll also be looking forward to playing with you on Wednesday or Thursday!

Bye for now!!

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