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Night out….

Hi guys :) Just a quick note for now…mostly to apologize for not being on right now, cause I’m logging off now and I’ll be gone all night. Why, you ask? :) Cause I just went to introduce myself to my new neighbor…and he’s SO nice, and we had so much fun talking, and I was right in my “suspicions” (he has a disco ball hanging from his celing, okay? *Giggles*….) But we had a few drinks and we’re going to go have dinner…and then a few more drinks, maybe? :)

Anyway, so I won’t be taking calls at all tonight~So try not to miss me too much (and please don’t be mad at me!) and I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. You guys will all be busy with football games, I’m sure….but maybe you’ll find a few moments for me during half time? :) And don’t worry…I don’t think I’ll be getting any cock tonight, for obvious reasons…. *Smiles*

Bye for now, guys!

I’m SO spoiled and LOVING it!

Hi guys :) WOW, am I such a happy girl today!! Well…wait. To be honest, I woke up really cranky cause I got woken up too early….these people across the street from me were mowing their whole lawn using a weedwhacker? Is that how you spell that? I’ve never had one, so I’m not sure…anyway, what kind of sense does that make?? Aren’t those things only supposed to be for weeds? Like small jobs? UGH! Anyway, so I was so cranky, but then I got the mail, and I got some more stuff I bought online…a new CD (Justin Timberlake, which I don’t like, even though I wanted it so bad) some new bras (in crazy colors too! Pink, and turquoise, and bright green. I know, it sounds crazy…but I had to match some panties I bought last week.) AND, more Hello Kitty panties!! OMG, they’re so cute…they have her face on my hip, and then across my ass it says, “Hello, Kitty!” I love them! *Smiles* They’re official issue too….

Okay, so I didn’t think the day could get much better…but then my sexy Irish guy did what he does best…doing favors for me to get me all happy and smiling like he always does so well! (Thanks SO much again, my luv!) And THEN, I just went to check my wishlist? And someone’s been spoiling me rotten again!! That particular someone, this time, would be my sweet, sweet, amazingly sexy weatherman (I know it was you…don’t even TRY to lie so you can surprise me when we speak next, mister….you gave yourself away with your choices so I KNOW it was you! And thank you, thank you SOOO much!!) And now, not only do I just love the lots and lots of prezzies that are on their way to me…I am now officially at five whole pages of wishlist prezzies!! Just over 5, actually! (There’s twenty on each page…so you do the math.)

BOY, am I a spoiled rotten lil girl!! You realize, of course, that I’ve only seen a few girls’ wishlists who have received as many prezzies as I have…and THEY were all financial dommes….I.E., give me all your money, I rape your wallet and take your whole paycheck? Like that. And since I’m not really a “full time” financial domme….you get my point. Spoiled brat? Yes. Hard core domme princess? Unfortunately, no. :) I keep telling you guys how I love your constant attention and devotion…I’m going to have to add more stuff to my wishlist now!! I’m getting cleaned out again! :)

So….did I mention you guys are so good to me? WOW are you so good to me!! You’ll be happy to know, that this round of spoiling your sweet lil girl has put me in an incredibly horny lil mood! I swear, getting new prezzies makes my pussy wet!! *Giggles* And I’m available and taking calls right now~until at least 9pm EST. I’m listening to Nelly Furtado (a gift from my master AF a while back….where has he been anyway? It’s been a while…) and wearing some of the new stuff I bought yesterday~a *very* low cut peach cotton tank top with spaghetti straps and black boyshort panties. *Very* sexy, I promise! :) Hopefully, you’ll all decide to make my happy day even happier and call me tonight? Make me cum a few times with my new toy, maybe? :) I guess we’ll see….

Bye for now, guys!!

She LOVES her toys….

Hi guys! :) I swear, all day I was thinking how I was going to “play hard to get” and wait to write a note to you here….but I had SUCH a good day and I was in SUCH a good mood I couldn’t wait anymore! Lol… Okay, let’s see…I’ve spent almost ALL of the past two days shopping. New curtains, panties, some cute stuff to wear while I’m taking calls~short shorts and tank tops and halter tops and stuff. Then I needed groceries, and more stuff for my house, some new CD’s…you know, the usual. *Giggles* I probably shouldn’t have spoiled myself quite this much right before the beginning of the month…but once I get started it’s kind of hard to stop sometimes! :)

I ALSO got a package in the mail of some stuff I bought online last week. I opened it right before I logged on to be available tonight, and OMG I fucking LOVE it!! Wanna see what I bought? *Smiles* Okay.

Well. All I can say about THAT is that I *enjoyed* it. A LOT!!! Oooh, there’s this vibrating egg thing inside? And I put lube on it and then I use it? So it feels SO just like someone’s really licking my clit. And you all KNOW how much I love that!! I came three times with it! All by myself and all over my fingers! So I’ve decided…I may need LOTS more sex toys!! Maybe I’ve been limiting myself sticking with only the 4 I already have? :) I’ve heard that there are sites where you can make a “sex toy wishlist” just like my Amazon one, only it’s all sex toys….I should look into that, I think! *Giggles* I’ll let you guys know….

And right before I logged on tonight, I was at Erin’s house taking some new pictures so you guys can all see me with my new hair color. Don’t worry, I won’t make you guys wait too long!! I’ll post them once I wade through them all to find the best ones, and I’ll probably even make new listings again soon. It looks HOT though, and she curled it all loose and sexy for me? My hair, I mean…. I don’t know, I’m sure you’ll like it. Maybe I’ll even send a couple previews to a few of you if you call and make me cum soon? :)

And I guess that’s it! I’ll only be taking calls for a bit longer tonight, so call me if you missed me!! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me tomorrow afternoon right at 3pm EST. Bye for now!!


Hi guys :) I hope you’re all having a good Monday so far….it’s so weird for me to think of today as Monday, cause it’s kind of my Friday, you know? But even though it’s the day before Princess Day, and I should be so excited? I’m kind of thinking I want to stay available and take calls tomorrow, too. I don’t think I’m going to have time though, no matter how much I feel like I want to…..I have a hair appointment early morning on Tuesday. I’m just getting sick of all these split ends and blonde damage from making my hair lighter? So I’m going to go back to my natural brunette tomorrow. Don’t freak out though! Lol… I’ll take some more pictures after it’s all done so you can all see how it turns out.

I also have to do some shopping…I think it’s time for some new panties! *Giggles* And some groceries, of course, plus I have to take the Arnold Cat to the vet. Actually, I’m a little pissed off about that….apparently, groomers will only groom cats if you have proof of their current shots, because cats bite so much when someone’s trying to bathe them? Okay, my Arnold NEVER goes outside unsupervised, he doesn’t socialize with any other animals so there’s no chance of him having anything, AND, I always warn them when I take him that he needs to be sedated during cause he’s such a man cat and he gets mean and likes to fight when someones trying to make him look pretty. I know it sounds funny..but for real! Anyway, so I’ll have to pay the vert god knows how much just to take him to the grooming place…which was only supposed to cost $30. *Pouts*

Wow, I digress! Anyway, I’m available and taking calls now, I will be until at least 6 tonight, maybe later~I’m not sure yet. I may have to log off early tonight to go get some of these errands out of the way before tomorrow, as I’m completely planning on sleeping in tomorrow morning! Lol…. Anyway, I haven’t made myself cum all day today…so if you’re looking to play with me, call me tonight!!

Bye for now, guys!!

Sunday afternoon….

Hi guys :) Just a quick note for now, cause I just now logged on to be available and taking calls. I know I’m late!! Don’t remind me!! Lol… I woke up at like 7am casue my Arnold Cat was having a “kitty crazy” running back and forth down the hallway TOO early in the fucking morning!! Well, between that, and the construction going on behind my house, and the power going out briefly so all my AC units started beeping, AND the lunatic knocking to ask if the bike in my yard was mine cause he wanted to borrow it? NO, it’s not mine, I think it belongs to my new gay neighbor so I don’t care what he does with it! But after he saw me and started talking to me, he just wouldn’t go away!! I barely opened the door to talk and he just kept standing there, and asking me stuff? And I was geting SO irritated!! I guess if I want guys to go away when they knock on my door, I should wear more than my Hello Kitty panties and a tank top when I answer? *Giggles* But it’s not my fault!!! Lol… I wasn’t expecting company!! :)

Since I didn’t go to sleep till like 2am…I was more than a little pissed off!! But I had some, “Nip/Tuck” to watch, so I didn’t go back to sleep, I just stayed in bed (completely naked of course, I took all that stuff off after the weirdo went away.) and watched that till like 2pm. THEN my mommy called me, so I talked to her till just after 4. And THEN I had to take a yummy pink bubble bath, courtesy of my sweet sweet weatherman (TY sweetie!)…so of course I had to shave my legs and my lil pussy all sweet and clean…. You know how I do :)

Anyway, I guess I just gave you the whole recap of my day so far! *Smiles* I’ll be taking calls till 9 or 10pm EST tonight, just FYI. After that, I’ll be on tomorrow afternoon. RIGHT at 3pm EST, I promise!! But I’m horny tonight!! So call me!!

Bye for now guys!

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