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Naughty Girl….

Hi guys :) Well, let’s see, what to tell you first? *Smiles* Well, I’ve been on alerts for the last few hours, and since none of you guys are calling me today *pouts*, I’ve had lots of time to catch up on all my web stuff. So I’ve just been doing some stuff for my new site, and playing with yet ANOTHER website I’ve been working on! Yes, your sweet lil girl is becoming quite the little webmaster! Lol… Seriously, if I keep making websites at this rate (I have one domain that I haven’t even touched yet, and right now I have….5 sites already?) I’m going to have to look into learning web design so I can do it for myself. :) I mean, I can write basic HTML, so I can do “tweaks” and minor repairs to my sites by myself, but starting a whole site from scratch? Uh uh. No way. If anyone reading this happens to be a web designer or an SEO specialist though….PLEASE feel free to email me or leave me a comment?? Maybe we could work out a little trade… :)

I was taking calls till almost 10pm last night, and I guess I have some favorite callers to mention! Let’s see…my sexy Irish guy called me with a new yummy roleplay, and I got to be in control for once!! Which lately, has been something I enjoy a LOT!! Being in control I mean. And since I love talking to him SO much, it was even MORE fun! Made me cum all over my fingers anyway…and that’s always a good thing! (So TY, sweetie!) Ummm…I had a late night call from my sweet, sexy weatherman….who said I was a naughty girl again. So of course, I had to have a spanking…and his fingers deep in my pussy….and a huge load of his cum all over my face! I swear, I know I keep asking this, but are these really supposed to be my punishments? Seriously. Cause if that’s what I get for being naughty, I think I should be MUCH naughtier. MUCH more often! Lol…

And last but not least, my sweetheart Texas Ted, who I’d been missing SO much in the last couple of weeks! Mmm…what to say about that call? Well….let’s just say he knows how much I like to have my pussy licked…and my clit sucked on….and his fingers in my pussy… Should I go on? Lol…. He also left me my favorite feedback from yesterday, which I will share below, but you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie is always sexy and very sensual,and the best has ever been on Keen, but there is much more to her. Deep down she is warm, sensitive, intelligent, and very conciderate. A wonderful special woman. Some lucky guy is going to end up a very happy man…

SO sweet!! I love it when you guys leave me sexy lil notes like that! Well, almost as much as I love it when you make me cum all sticky wet all over my toys anyway… *Giggles* (TY for that, sweetie~that call was HOT, wasn’t it?)

So, what are you guys doing for the Holiday weekend? I don’t have any huge plans, Erin’s ex GF stopped by my house today and invited me to a barbeque at her house…but then right after that, she mentioned how nice my ass looked in my shorts. And since she’s single now..I don’t think I’m going to be attending that one! Lol… Don’t worry guys, I didn’t go all “hetero” on you or anything…I’m still bisexual! I’m just liking cock MUCH more than pussy these days! :) Anyway, I digress… I’ll probably be around all weekend, taking calls and stuff…so hopefully you can find a free minute sometime tonight or this weekend to call me! I’ll be available until 9 or 10pm EST tonight, and then after 4pm or so tomorrow.

Bye for now!

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