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I’m a busy lil girl….

Hi guys :) Well, I’m late, yet again…I don’t know why I don’t change my hours of availability to start at 4pm EST instead of 3, cause I never log on on time anymore! SO sorry about that BTW, guys! I do try, but when I get stuck doing web stuff, or in a YUMMY marshmallow bubble bath, or I just HAVE to get some more “princess rest” (yes, that’s my new term now, in place of “beauty sleep”! Lol) sometimes I get a little sidetracked. It’s now actually September though~can you believe it? This summer flew by, I swear! Anyway, my point here is, that I’m not guaranteeing my late night hours anymore, so I’ll be making a huge effort to be online and available exactly on time, so you guys can call and play with your sweet lil girl every afternoon. And every night. And some late nights still, even. Whatever~you know what I mean! :)

What exactly have I been up to this afternoon? Well, I’ve been emailing with my web designer, trying to finish up these new Niteflirt listings (which should be up by next week), ummm…having a bubble bath….and as of the last 30 minutes or so, actually getting calls! :) LOTS of them!! Does this mean the “summer slowdown” is officially over? I certainly hope so! :) It seems to be a yummy roleplay day…I’ve had 2 so far today that made my tight lil pussy cum SO fucking hard! And, my master AF called me just now, just to brighten my day and tell me how much he missed me! (TY sweetie! SO sweet of you!)

And I guess we’re going into favorite callers now! It will kind of be from the last few days cause I haven’t been updating as much. So here goes, in no particular order: My pussy boy called me Friday night for a nice looong call…I had to tease him mercilessly, as usual, cause his poor little cock STILL hasn’t gotten any relief! I guess that’s mean…but I can’t help it, it’s SO much fun!! Ummm….My old friend J, who luvs me extra naughty…super taboo roleplay ending with his cum deep inside my pussy. SO yummy! (I missed you sweetie!! Let’s play again soon…) My friend KB, who says I’m the “best little cocksucker”….and I definitely proved it again last night!! I should be more modest on the subject of my blowjobs probably, but for real, I really DO give great head!! Or so I’ve always been told….. (I hope I pleased you last night, Sir. TY for the hot call! You made me cum SO many times!)

And, last but not least, my sweetheart LL, who I just finished playing with. I won’t tell details of that call, cause it was SUPER naughty roleplay of my favorite variety! But I will share the feedback he left me, cause I loved reading it so much!! You can also find this on my Fantasy/Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie is such a pleasure to talk with and she listens to your every word and homes straight in on what makes you explode! Absolutely the BEST on Keen.

See, didn’t I tell you that was sweet? (So TY sweetie!! I’ll send you mail sometime tonight, so be on the lookout for it.) I guess I am a pretty good listener….and it’s always nice to hear how much you guys appreciate me. I’m a silly girl that way, I guess. I saw this Chris Rock stand up routine a while back, I don’t remember what it was called. Anyway, he said that, “Women always need compliments. Women can survive on just food, water, and compliments.” And while it seemed really shallow when I heard him say it, it’s so true! *Giggles*

SO, I’ll be available and taking calls until at least 9pm EST tonight. If you guys can manage to get through and talk to me! It seems like I’m going to be a busy lil girl tonight! :) Make sure you use the “arrange a call” feature by clicking my call button up top if you try to get me and I’m not available. I’ll stay up later than nine and get back to all of you if I can~I don’t want anyone to get left out! :) Oh, and just FYI~I’m looking cute and sexy this afternoon in purple panties and a matching white “sleepyhead” tank top (that I got in the mail from a special someone yesterday…I won’t mention any names, but I LOVE them sweetie! TY!) and sitting at my desk having my first glass of Chardonnay. I do LOVE these panties…but I certainly won’t mind if any of you want to call me tonight and get me out of them! I also have a sweet and clean freshly shaved pussy….just so you know….

Bye for now, guys!!

PS Do you love my new signature or what?? Julie at WD4A did it for me. Isn’t it so cute?! On that note, I also have to say a special thank you to my sexy Irish guy for helping me with…well, with what he’s helping me with! A girl has to keep SOME secrets, doesn’t she? Lol (Thanks again EVER so much, my luv!!) Bye again!

2 Responses to “I’m a busy lil girl….”

  1. da weatherman says:

    Hey Kylie-
    That new signature is pretty cool indeed! Love the new e-mail subscription to yer blog too!! Thanx for all the help recently…you are a real sweetie baby! Talk to you soon…

  2. Kylie says:

    You’re welcome, my luv~you know, you should really tell me when we speak that you’re making all these comments…I’m only just now seeing them and I would have reponded sooner had I known they were there! Anyway~talk to you soon!

    xoxo, Kylie

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